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Member since: Wed Dec 11, 2013, 08:51 AM
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If you have seen the Batshit vs Bernie video clip you May have thought,

"It's Difficult to have an intelligent debate with an unarmed person." in this case i thought, " Michell Bachmann is without even a slingshot." However, I have to hand it to her, she's a Word warier. Bachmann was well armed with Subterfuge, Deception, Avoidance, and Just plane old out right lies. She would refuse to acknowledge a question and change the subject. Then tried to throw Sanders off subject. Bernie has a razor sharp mind and The patients of a saint, could stay on top of her. I would have given in to my darker nature and back handed her for interrupting me in mid sentence over and over.
What can be said for Mr. Blitzer, Wolf Blitzer as a moderator SUCKS! Blitzer should have Shut her up. so we could Hear a fair exchange of Ideas. So W.B. Rates a FAIL their. Then again, if he roots for the other side he gets a solid A+.

However.....as I viewed this Clip to it's conclusion I realized, M.B. is not Batshit. This is a vestige, a disguise, Like a silly little mustache, or Seneca Crain's Beard. it's funny, You Laugh at it. While you all laugh, the cause of her masters, the 1% are furthered. Her Bitter Medicine (POISON) that she will dose the Populace with for her masters is designed to sound so reasonable and oh so very good for us. She sounds Like a Mother giving her child a Flintstones vitamin. This While we (all thinking People) Laugh at her, "Oh She's so Batshit, Oh she's Just a car crazy, LOL ha, ha, ha!"

WELL WAKE UP PEOPLE and smell the coffee! You all better realize this and realize it now! She and the rest of her ILK are NOT Clueless, stupid, or even Batshit, They are Evil.

Am I being Dramatic? Maybe, Maybe not. But! I Now see something in these people I've not seen before, Because I was too busy laughing, Well I AINT laughing anymore. She frightens me. And that's NO JOKE! Something Very dark and underhanded is happening under our very noses, This Snake oil she' peddling is pitting the haves and those still clinging to the middle class against those who are slipping off, No Being Kicked off the ladder and those who are already pushed off. KNOW THIS, The Haves are drinking it, drinking it in deep drafts.
Now You Have one Choice! You can either laugh at the sellers of this poison or Take them at their word and expose them. We, as a thinking people better be ready to force this choice. Because if we don't, I's not just an Idea or Ideal or even a party that will loose. It's The Nation that will loose.

you better listen!

I will not be held responsible if you don't
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