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zed nada

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Member since: Thu Dec 5, 2013, 09:58 AM
Number of posts: 24

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I think I've got this straight, seriously ......

I just watched the daily briefing and sat there wondering once again why I did, when I got a call from my budtender. My wife and I are seventy-three, both with health issues, and he tells me that if we need anything, anything at all like from the store or help he will be willing to do it to keep us safe and healthy. I realized that my dealer cares more about me than my president. I feel like crying for two reasons.

Stormy Weather....

.. I truly am glad for the rumored offer of $1200 which could do a lot of people at least a bit of good for several weeks or maybe a month. But is there this shared creeping suspicion that t(HE)y are following a familiar pattern here (?) Next is Loads of gushing praise and heartfelt gratitude for too little too late. Are we being paid off, bribed? Damned if I'm not an elderly, happily married grandfather who keeps waking up in the middle of the night feeling like Stormy Daniels.. It is not a good feeling. So I guess we'll all be asked to keep it on the Down Low. Or maybe Take the Money and Run? Ultimately nasty phone calls from Michael Cohen? Oh wait, I think you can refuse a call from the pen. It gets better....maybe....


Surely not. Couldn't happen here...right?
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