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nilesobek's Journal
nilesobek's Journal
August 18, 2015

"Kiss off Double Finger Ringer Thread."

No, more like it, a "kiss on I love DU thread."

Nilesobek is kaput in Idaho for now. The homeless loser will be on Adventure Time crossing the country from Northern Maine to North Alaska to Amsterdam and Belgium somehow on the way.

I've been suffering from some elder abuse for quite some time and I just decided, suddenly, to go back to my former life on the road. What is the worst that could happen?

So I will be gone for a while, no one will miss my posts, no one will miss my amateur poetry, no one will miss my PUI (posting while intoxicated.)

I just wanted you all to know I love you all and thanks for the chance to say some things that have been on my mind for 30+years. The people at DU have been great and kind, despite my numerous character and ideology flaws.

This isn't forever and I will be back as soon as I can.

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