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nilesobek's Journal
nilesobek's Journal
August 18, 2015

"Kiss off Double Finger Ringer Thread."

No, more like it, a "kiss on I love DU thread."

Nilesobek is kaput in Idaho for now. The homeless loser will be on Adventure Time crossing the country from Northern Maine to North Alaska to Amsterdam and Belgium somehow on the way.

I've been suffering from some elder abuse for quite some time and I just decided, suddenly, to go back to my former life on the road. What is the worst that could happen?

So I will be gone for a while, no one will miss my posts, no one will miss my amateur poetry, no one will miss my PUI (posting while intoxicated.)

I just wanted you all to know I love you all and thanks for the chance to say some things that have been on my mind for 30+years. The people at DU have been great and kind, despite my numerous character and ideology flaws.

This isn't forever and I will be back as soon as I can.

May 4, 2015

The underground writer

is one mean fighter
in his hand he has a gun
more powerful than the Earth
and Sun

just don't run out of ink.

April 10, 2015

California water crisis and some thoughts

In light of the water crisis in California and the restrictions imposed on citizens, I have to tell my wonderful fellow DUers that having a nice lawn made of various grasses that is so beautiful and lush that we can lie down on during a summer afternoon is unsustainable.

I work in the landscape and hardscape industry, which is exploding up here in Idaho, a semi-arid climate, in this location. How long will it be before this arid part of Idaho is in the same shape as California? I work big jobs for former California expatriots who have given up California and have come here because of the love of big lawns, big grass, available water, (for now) and cheap land. This might be a tipping point, where the wealthy goes where the water is.

March 27, 2015

The Dragon

Too quiet is the man
with something to hide
on a cold northern highway
thumbing a ride

Journey, today
for his haven and hearth
grief on his face
sorrow in his heart

Into this frozen Earth
his destiny is sown
beneath concrete roofs
and walls of stone

asphalt floors, his feet convey
the luxury of his winter chalet
along this vast
Appian way

20 below, trying to get warm
cars slide by
a Christmastime storm
some flipped him the bird
others honked their horns
passing him by
glaring their scorn

the travelers had lost their fresh faces
there was too much violence
in too many places

4000 miles
very little sleep
when he comes to the crest
he cannot help but weep

His hometown has been damned
the mountainsides logged
the pinnacles rammed
the erosion, the machines
the scars remain
barren and abandoned
they pray for the rain
into the teeth of the Dragon
his future is crammed

The Dragon puffs smoke
the particles flying
offensive odors
there's no denying

A gushing flow of honey
from paycheck to paycheck
the sweet smell of money
to others
the rotten stench of the dying

The Dragon, the trucks, the men
sporting green
ecology colors
deceptively mean

The poison act quickly
that of an asp
Dragon fangs embedded
he's caught in the grasp

Which washes his superior feeling
he's just like those others
who've been sent reeling
for freedom they long
for air
they gasp

March 15, 2015


Pounding wind and rain
Sweeping the open field
Thunder and lightning strike
Unto this power, I yield

The masses of humanity
Cruelly pound the Earth
Tiny specks of vanity
Shine of my true worth

What is the pecking order?
How am I to know?
Being neither first or last
A drop in an endless flow

February 21, 2015

Science me DU

Global warming has never been an issue for me mainly because I spent a large amount of my life homeless and cold. I dropped out of middle school in the early 70s and global warming was never mentioned.

Is it real and if it is, what are the consequences?

January 22, 2015

Russell Wilson. Cusp of greatness. Part deax.

If the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl then Russell Wilson will become the first Quarterback in National Football League history to win the Super Bowl two out of the first three years in the league.

I would argue he was the best QB in the NFL in his rookie year, where, if Pete Carroll hadn't tried to freeze the Atlanta kicker with a surprise timeout. It should be 3 in a row for Wilson.

MSG and Hubris added.

January 18, 2015

Wilson on the cusp of greatness?

If Wilson and the Seahawks can win the next two games I believe this will rocket Russell Wilson into a first ballot selection for the Hall of Fame and some of his fellow players will accompany him.

The Seattle defense has to scrimmage against Wilson. They know who the best QB in the NFL is. Slow and injured Rodgers and old man Brady are no match for the speed of Seattle's defense.

I've been a Seahawk fan since the expansion in 1976 and this is an exciting time. We have here maybe the best football team that ever lived.

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