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nilesobek's Journal
nilesobek's Journal
June 26, 2014

Why would we see these guys in NY?

The Sunday morning news show were chock-o-block full of Neo-Cons claiming that if we didn't go back to war in Iraq, right away, that, eventually, we would see these ISIS characters in NY.

Wait a minute! Did I hear that right? It almost sounds like a threat when they say that. Are Neo-Cons going to release ISIS on the streets of NY, like alligators in the sewers, if they don't get their way again?

Or would they rather just let this insinuation hang in the air like a lingering fart, an insult to everyone who lost people on 9/11 and every other citizen of NY?

I could be missing something here like the fact that the Tsarnaev brothers could never have came to America without an upper echelon CIA agent signing for them at the Immigration and Naturalization office.

Are we being threatened here? Is this an admission by Neo-Cons that despite the last 14 years of war, we do not have firm control of keeping terrorists out of our country?

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