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PumpkinAle's Journal
PumpkinAle's Journal
July 17, 2014

What Game Do You Want to Play featuring

a cute Quokka and Grumpy Cat..............

July 17, 2014

Rupert Murdoch: politicians and red tape are holding business back

Rupert Murdoch: politicians and red tape are holding business back
Media mogul tells B20 meeting in Sydney that companies must be allowed to help shape public policy

Rupert Murdoch says business has a right to speak out on public policy matters, even on issues not directly related to their area of operation.

"Business is just as entitled to express its opinion as unions are," the News Corporation executive chairman told the B20 summit of business leaders in Sydney.

"The trouble, I find, is usually unions represent hundreds of thousands of voters whereas a business represents just one."

Murdoch has no ethics, has no sense or morality and is a complete moron.

July 17, 2014


July 16, 2014

Isn't it sad that

July 15, 2014

Comcast Serves Up What May Be the Worst Customer Service Call in History

The call starts like this:

Block: We’d like to disconnect please.

Comcast rep: Why is it that you don’t want the faster speed? Help me understand why you don’t want faster internet.

Block: Help me understand why you can’t disconnect us.

Comcast rep: Because my job is to have a conversation with you about keeping your service, about finding out why it is that you’re looking to cancel the service.

Block: I don’t understand …

Comcast rep: If you don’t want to talk to me, you can definitely go into the Comcast store and disconnect your service there.

And it goes on for another seven more excruciating minutes.

Full discussion audio and story here:

I think Mr. Block was amazing - I would have given up and curled up in a corner crying.

July 15, 2014

What do you think to this?

MENLO PARK, Calif.—On a recent afternoon, police officer Mary Ferguson visited the home of a teenager in this Silicon Valley suburb who had been missing school and was on probation.

Officer Ferguson approached the boy's father as part of her rounds and asked if he checks the teen's Facebook page to make sure he's "on the up and up." When the man said he didn't, the officer assured him she did—thanks to a Facebook account she uses as part of her job that doesn't reveal her true identity. "I'll keep my eye on him," she said.

Officer Ferguson, 34 years old, is sometimes called "The Facebook Cop," but it isn't for her savvy use of social media. It is because her salary and benefits are paid entirely by Facebook Inc., which is based in this well-off city of 32,000.

In an unusual deal, the social-networking giant has agreed to fund a $194,000-a-year police position, including salary and benefits. The position is controlled by Menlo Park and the primary duties of the job are to keep children in school, work with juvenile offenders, and help large local businesses such as Facebook plan for emergencies like fires, earthquakes or violent intruders.


July 13, 2014

The Awful Reason Florida Is Bulldozing One of the World’s Rarest Forests

The lush tropical canopies of pine rocklands exist only in South Florida, Cuba, and the Bahamas. But soon the Sunshine State will lose some of its remaining tracts of the imperiled ecosystem in Miami-Dade County, expelling wildlife and rare flora to make room for a new tenant: Walmart.

This month the University of Miami sold 88 acres of rockland to Ram, a Palm Beach County–based developer known for building strip malls and residential complexes. The Miami Herald reports that the company has allotted space for 900 apartments and 185,000 square feet for a Walmart, in addition to a Chick-fil-A, a Chili’s, and a fitness center.

Before the sale, the university and the developer agreed to preserve 40 acres of rockland. For environmentalists, it’s not nearly enough.


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