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Member since: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 11:40 PM
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If you can VOTE!

F'g Republicfuks

So I am at work - a local government job (recent hire ) - listening to all those fellow government workers decry the President and how the only people who vote for him are the lazy, good for nothings who are unemployed (Obama sticker on my car) and how they will be working at the polls on election day - because hey, they get paid for it, have another day off after that, it is easy work and they can make sure that no-rats vote twice for Democrats.

This makes my blood boil. Here are government workers, quite okay with doing the minimum to get the work done (and the minimum is very minimum) - who then denigrate anyone who votes Democrat by saying they are lazy, that the County they work for isn't worth it - well then quit and let someone else have your job, all the time making sure they have theirs. So the republifuks are the ones that bring disrepute to government workers and yet they are the ones that shout the loudest about incompetent. lazy good for nothing government workers. It is also amazing just how many republicfuks are working for the government and wanting their family on board - but are back-stabbing, lazy sobs.

I admit I stayed quiet, because I need the job, but oh my bp was sky high.............grrr.
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