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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Arkansas
Member since: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 02:38 AM
Number of posts: 3,149

Journal Archives

Walmart is tempting me to steal from them

I haven't done it yet. But the temptation is getting stronger. Since our Walmart removed most of the checkout stations and replaced them with self-checkout, I feel like Walmart is forcing me to work for them. Because I'm forced to scan my own items, they're not paying wages to a checkout clerk. Even though I often used self checkout before, it pisses me off that now they're forcing me to.

If they're cutting their expenses by forcing me to scan my own groceries, why shouldn't I get some sort of compensation?

I mean, why can't I put a few smaller items in my bag without scanning them? Why shouldn't I be able to scan only three cans of tuna, when I'm buying four? What's wrong with touching the picture of cheaper apples, when the more expensive variety is on the scale.

If Walmart forces me to do their employees' work, isn't it only fair to force Walmart to give me compensation?

I've always considered myself an honest guy, but when Walmart steals my labor, I'm tempted to retaliate.

We got our first Moderna shot this afternoon

We're both feeling a little more tired than usual. Other than that, no side effects yet.

Looks like the Gamestop stock scam is on again

More than doubled in price yesterday, up over 50% today pre market.
Robinhood continues to suck novice investors into their bubble.
Let me guess, this pump 'n dump will end like the last one.

Thinking about changing my name to Axe

What do you think?

I'm glad Rush Limbaugh lived just long enough

to see trump lose the presidency and the republicans lose the Senate.
Other than that, I don't care about him. I won't miss him.

More pain for novice GameStop, AMC buyers

Both stocks tanking heavily pre market this morning following yesterday's sell off. The pump 'n dump play is now complete for the originators of this scam. They sold their positions last week, leaving millions of newbies holding the bag. It's a hard lesson for many who thought that somehow this was a "cause", and are now realizing it was a scam.
It's not everyday you get the opportunity to pay $300 for a $10 stock.

Last week's GameStop buyers feeling the burn

The hype from last week seems to have passed over the week end as both GME and AMC have been selling off since trading began in the pre market. GME alone is down 30%. Nothing brings traders back to reality like the sound of burning money. This was so predictable to experienced traders. The newbies are learning a hard lesson right now.

I don't often get emotional

But sitting here watching the inaugural events, my eyes can't stop tearing up. What a glorious day. What a huge relief. What a tremendous load will be taken off the shoulders of our country when Joe Cool finally takes the oath of office.

Hearing on my right wing site that Parler has been shut down

Anyone else hear this yet?

Daughter Publicly Shames Mother For Getting Punched While Attending Pro-Trump Protest

Helena Duke on Twitter: "hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn't go to BLM protests bc they could get violent...this you? "

Daughter drops a dime on her own mother. That'll teach her a lesson.

Daughter Publicly Shames Mother For Getting Punched While Attending Pro-Trump Protest (msn.com)

(Full article at above link)

A daughter has publicly shamed her own mother for being punched in the face during a violent encounter at a Pro-Trump protest in Washington D.C on Wednesday.

Helena Duke, 18, identified her mom in viral video footage from a fight which broke out near the Capitol during the insurrection, telling Newsweek she was "disappointed to be related to her".

"Hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn't go to BLM protests bc they could get violent ... this you?," Helena Duke wrote on Twitter in response to the video.

In the clip, a young Black woman who appears to be a uniformed police officer, holds up her phone in a crowd of Trump supporters wearing MAGA caps and brandishing flags.

A white woman appears to lean over in an attempt to grab the phone, knocking it from her hand.

The Black woman turns around and appears to confront her, throwing a punch to the white woman's face. It is unclear what words are exchanged between the women.

Three men are then seen carrying the Black woman across a police line to join a group of officers.

Chaos ensues as the mob descends on police and more violence breaks out between the protesters.

The white woman is seen shortly after with a bloody face and addresses others filming the encounter.

"Who hit you?" a man is heard asking. "That Black girl," the woman replies.

The video, which has amassed nearly 7 million views since it was posted to Twitter on Wednesday, is said to have been taken from a fight between BLM and Trump supporters at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C.

Helena Duke seized the opportunity to shame her mother, who she claims is a long-standing Trump supporter.

"Her actions were appalling and I did not think she could possibly stoop this low," the 18-year-old told Newsweek. "I do find her participation in the insurrection extremely hypocritical as she has kicked me out of the house for attending BLM protests."

Duke clarified that her mother, Therese Duke, has previously warned her not to attend BLM protests because of potential violence.

"Seeing her harass a black woman and attending a violent event is very hypocritical of her," Duke added.

She also took the opportunity to correct her mother over social media, saying: "Mom I think you mean to say that powerful black woman punched you for harassment." (The way these Millennials talk makes me want to puke.-drvoke)

Duke claimed her uncle and aunt were also in attendance at the protest.

Many have praised Duke's bravery in coming forward to identify her mother.

"Traitor take down of the day! Winner goes to Helena Duke!" one woman said.

"Her own daughter turned her in! Turned in her mom, her uncle, and her aunt!" another added. "Let's all salute Helena Duke for opposing her mom's racism and hypocrisy. You've done good Helena!

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