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Gender: Male
Home country: US
Member since: Fri Oct 18, 2013, 03:06 PM
Number of posts: 608

Journal Archives

Classifying the San Bernardino shooters:

Arguments ranging between workplace violence killings and ISIS style inspired foreign killings.

Authorities struggle to classify - does it occur to any of them that there is an overlap here?

1) Vengeance on those he worked with for real or perceived slights of whatever kind.
2) Slaughter of the infidel in the infidel's own land. And by dropping off the baby and heading back toward the kill zone; they ensured they would be killed, and on their way to Allah-la-la land for their reward.

What a coup, what a 2fer, a gall dang BOGO!

Sarcastic - yes
Insensitive - probably to many it will be...but is not meant so.
Things are not always black and white.


My advice to Mike Huckabee

I just heard on the tube that Huckabee is heading to Rowan County, KY in support of "Jesus made do it" Kim Davis.

My advice to him is just go ahead, bite the bullet, and start an evangelical mega church.
Then you can fleece your flock and give up on your dream of fleecing the country.

Got a feeling your presidential aspirations ain't gonna happen.


House of Cards finale - WTF

Was anybody else as disappointed as I in the House of Cards final episode?
I can't even express adequately my disappointment!

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