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Gender: Male
Home country: US
Member since: Fri Oct 18, 2013, 03:06 PM
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Please educate me on the rationality of the new Afghan...US Pact proposal

A week or so ago, a video of Rachel Maddow's interview with Richard Engel was posted where Richard Engel was breaking the news about a pact regarding the US maintaining (read paying for & staffing) bases in Afghanistan through 2024 and perhaps beyond.

I admit I did not read the thread as I had seen the segment on Rachel's show the night before. I have since been unable to find that thread and the resulting discussion. That thread and any related threads have been noticeably absent here.

I understood the rationale for the 2001 presence (to hunt down Bin Laden), but we accomplished that.

So WTF are we asking the Afghani's to sign a pact that will keep us mired in that quagmire for another decade minimum?

Please help me understand that!

A link from Reuters where Carney is pressing Afghanistan to sign....



Talk about living the dream...

I started working as a lifeguard my senior year of high school in '69 and was paid $0.65/hr, which I believe was minimum wage at the time. I had to take one summer class to finish my undergrad degree in '73 and spent a good portion of time on a near deserted campus watching the televised Watergate Hearings. After five years or so of knocking around in various dead end jobs, I knew I had to get serious and find a "real" job with the birth of my first child in '79 and wound up in.....you guessed it, manufacturing.

A good portion of that 35 years or so was with a fortune 500 company and in 2000 I became acutely aware of how the game was being played when the CEO was making $90 million a year on a $4.5 million salary (the other $85.5 million in stock options and bonuses). Meanwhile they're off-shoring as fast as possible, are stagnating the wages and salaries of the people that actually produce product, and are starving the remaining US operations of resources and investment along the way.

Talk about living the dream.

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