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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,489

Journal Archives

Trump, July 2018: "Thousand Points of Light. I never quite got that one. What the hell is that?"

Posted by Miles Archer | Sat Dec 1, 2018, 05:16 PM (6 replies)

Time for Sesame Street's "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other" game, Trump & GHWB Edition.

Donald J. Trump

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President George H.W. Bush led a long, successful and beautiful life. Whenever I was with him I saw his absolute joy for life and true pride in his family. His accomplishments were great from beginning to end. He was a truly wonderful man and will be missed by all!

4:16 AM - 1 Dec 2018


Donald J. Trump

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The last thing we need is another Bush in the White House. Would be the same old thing ( remember "read my lips, no more taxes" ). GREATNESS!

3:39 AM - 23 Aug 2015 from New Jersey, USA

Posted by Miles Archer | Sat Dec 1, 2018, 04:38 PM (0 replies)

How SWEET! W.H. confirms that Don & Vlad DID get some "alone time" after all..."informally"

The Hill

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White House: Trump had "informal" conversation with Putin at G-20 after canceling official meeting http://hill.cm/NYyj2Cl

Posted by Miles Archer | Sat Dec 1, 2018, 03:03 PM (7 replies)

VID: "Do you regret any of your comments about George H.W. Bush or the Bush family?" Trump was asked

NBC News

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Reporter: Do you regret any of your comments about George H.W. Bush or the Bush family?

President Trump: "Thank you very much everybody."

Posted by Miles Archer | Sat Dec 1, 2018, 02:28 PM (8 replies)

Trump accused of using Bush death to cancel press conference and duck Cohen questions


Early Saturday, Trump tweeted, “I was very much looking forward to having a press conference just prior to leaving Argentina because we have had such great success in our dealing with various countries and their leaders at the G20…. However, out of respect for the Bush Family and former President George H.W. Bush we will wait until after the funeral to have a press conference.”

Faced with the bombshell guilty plea and confession by his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, just as he left for Argentina, many on Twitter speculated that the president didn’t want to face a foreign press that can be even more hostile than American reporters.

As one Trump critic noted: “You respect nobody. Another funeral you will not be welcomed at. You canceled your press conference because you are afraid.”

Don plans to attend GHWB funeral. Will he use the occasion to offer his thoughts on the witch hunt?

Trump Offers Praise for Bush and Will Attend the Funeral


BUENOS AIRES — President Trump, who had a hostile relationship with the last Republican family to occupy the White House, offered nothing but praise on Saturday for former President George Bush after he died at age 94, and the White House said the president would attend the funeral.

Mr. Trump plans to call former President George W. Bush, the son of the 41st commander in chief, to offer his condolences, the White House said in a statement. A state funeral is being arranged and Mr. Trump will designate Wednesday as a national day of mourning. Mr. Trump and the first lady will attend the funeral at the Washington National Cathedral.

“President George H.W. Bush led a long, successful and beautiful life,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning. “Whenever I was with him I saw his absolute joy for life and true pride in his family. His accomplishments were great from beginning to end. He was a truly wonderful man and will be missed by all!”

Mr. Trump’s words of admiration, delivered while in Argentina for an international summit meeting, belied his history of animosity with the Bush family. Mr. Trump eviscerated Mr. Bush’s son Jeb Bush during the 2016 Republican primaries and regularly disparaged another of his sons, former President George W. Bush, for the way he ran the country. The elder Mr. Bush refused to support Mr. Trump in 2016, voting instead for Hillary Clinton.

WOW! Don & Melanie "wrote" a great joint tribute to GHWB. They "write" real good.

Donald J. Trump

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Statement from President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on the Passing of Former President George H.W. Bush


Бросая тень ... as close as Google Translate gets to translating "throwing shade" into Russian...

Rick Wilson

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"Go ahead. Drink. Drink. No, you're out of the family business, that's your punishment. You're finished. I'm putting you on a plane to Vegas."


When you translate it back into English it comes out "casting a shadow," but that's close enough for a snarky thread title.

Rachel Maddow reveals how we finally know why Mike Flynn lied

DELICIOUS IRONY! Trump's current Cohen-fueled shit storm can be traced back to FOX & FRIENDS.

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen was “under the impression” that he would receive a pardon if he remained loyal to the president, CNN reported Friday night.

Anderson Cooper broke the exclusive news, having reporter Gloria Borger on to explain what she’d learned.

“Michael Cohen was under the impression that if he stayed on message and continued to protect the president, that either a pardon or some kind of protecting would be in the offing for him,” she said. “We are unclear about who exactly conveyed that message to Michael Cohen, but we know that he came away early on saying, ‘OK, I’m in a good spot, I’m going to be protected. And we then know that everything kind of fell apart.”

Cohen knew Trump would not protect him after one of the president’s appearances on Fox & Friends, where he minimized the work that Cohen did for him, Borger reported.


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