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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 06:49 PM
Number of posts: 13,436

Journal Archives

Howard Dean: "They can't do what Gowdy, or whatever his name is, did with Benghazi"

Just now on MSNBC, saying that the House Dems' investigations need to be geared toward what is best for the American people, and not political theater a la TreyGowzi.

Posted this because the "Gowdy, or whatever his name is" dismissal ROCKED.

Lawrence Tribe: A hostile foreign power catapulted a compromised moron into the U.S. presidency

Laurence Tribe

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Laurence Tribe Retweeted Adam Schiff

If the evidence bears this out as now seems likely, it will form part of an impeachable pattern of corrupt deception that helped a hostile foreign power catapult a compromised moron into the U.S. presidency. @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler @RepSwalwell @RepRaskin @SenatorDurbin


Adam Schiff

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At the same time candidate Trump publicly urged sanctions relief for Russia, he was privately putting together a business deal in Moscow that required lifting US sanctions. Then President Trump and his confederates misled the country about it, in a way that left him compromised.


Trump has become the first POTUS to have a CoS who can be called to testify before Congress.

Ronald Klain

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Missed point about the @MickMulvaneyOMB pick:

By installing a Senate confirmed official as CoS (who is not quitting as OMB chief) Trump blunders into being the first POTUS to have a CoS who can be called to testify before Congress.

8:46 AM - 15 Dec 2018 from Chevy Chase, MD


The Former Lindsey Graham shares his thoughts on how to remove a President from office

Simon Hedlin

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Replying to @Ocasio2018

Lindsey Graham on removing Bill Clinton from office: “You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role.”


Looks like today is "Give Trump the benefit of doubt" Day on MSNBC.

Guest was just asked if the staff revolving door was "Evidence of chaos, or is he just tightening up?"

The only thing tightening up is Trump's sphincter as January approaches.

There were a few other questions like this today.

Holy CRAP, Trump's Inauguration Heist runs DEEP. They squeezed every drop of blood from the turnip.

Global grift: Inauguration probe may uncover evidence could bring down Trump — and his family business


This week, The Wall Street Journal reported ($) that federal prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating the financing of Trump’s inauguration, a subject that has long been of interest here at What Fresh Hell? You may recall that Trump and his minions blew off the contribution limits their predecessors had established and raked in more than twice as much in donations for his inauguration as the Obamas had raised for theirs in 2009, and yet it seemed that they cut corners wherever they could and the day’s events were widely seen as cheap and lame.

We knew that an old friend of Melania’s had started a company “only weeks before the inauguration” that would ultimately pull down $26 million for “event planning.” And this week, ProPublica reported that Trump was himself raking in an unknown share of this inaugural bounty by charging premium prices for “rooms, meals and event space at [his] company’s Washington hotel.” Emails obtained by ProPublica show that some involved in the process expressed concern that over-charging for the facilities could run afoul of the law, but in the end they went with the age-old adage that when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal. The New York Times reported that investigators are now looking into whether foreign funds made it into the pot (of course they did) and also into whether those dollars ended up influencing policy (hard to prove, but almost certainly ditto). Two years later, and more than a third of that huge inauguration haul remains unaccounted for, according to ProPublica.

The Washington Post reported this week that lobbyists representing the Saudi government “reserved blocks of rooms at President Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel within a month of Trump’s election in 2016.” The lobbyists paid in advance for 500 nights at the hotel over a three-month period, and then used the rooms for “an unorthodox campaign that offered U.S. military veterans a free trip to Washington — then sent them to Capitol Hill to lobby against a law the Saudis opposed.” And Erin Banco reported this week for The Daily Beast that “in court filings that are set to drop in early 2019, prosecutors will begin to unveil Middle Eastern countries’ attempts to influence American politics.” That’s all in addition to Michael Flynn’s work for the Turkish government, an alleged scheme to use Israeli intelligence firms to manipulate social media during the election, Qatari efforts to counter the influence campaign undertaken by Saudi Arabia and UAE and of course all of those furtive contacts with Russian officials and spooks.

Until this week, the mystery surrounding Trump’s massive inauguration fund had been lost in the daily maelstrom of news coming out of this regime. That’s also true of the millions of dollars Michael Cohen charged companies to secure access to Trump in the months following his election, alleged fraud surrounding Trump’s “charity” and longstanding charges that the Trump organization engaged in massive and long-running money-laundering schemes. It’s easy to forget just how many strings federal prosecutors are pulling on. This may prove to be a defining period in our history, even if that’s not always readily apparent.

It's no longer worth it for me to post his tweets here. I intend to cut W-A-Y back on doing so.

It's all repetition and recycling now, same creepy shit about "Lisa Page and her lover, Peter S of the FBI." the "Why are they investigating me when they should be investigating Hillary" bullshit.

100% regurgitated and recycled, nothing new, just the stewing and simmering lying, delusional, paranoid rage of a cornered rat.

And whatever doesn't fit that category boils down to victory laps for things he actually did not do.

So unless he has something new to say, which is doubtful, I intend to dramatically cut back my "Trump tweets" posts.

2016: Trump warned that Hillary, if elected, would spend her entire presidency under investigation


Verified account


Throughout the 2016 campaign, Trump frequently warned voters that Hillary Clinton would spend her entire presidency under investigation if elected:


Melania trump, Acting First Lady. It has a nice ring to it.

"You have to be THIS tall to go on this ride. Also dumb as a sack of hammers. But THIS tall."

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