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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,497

Journal Archives

As potential candidates throw their hats in the ring, I wonder when we'll be hearing the "N" word.

The inmate who killed Jeffrey Dahmer apparently did it because of "bread & refined sugar."

Jeffrey Dahmer's behavior was just as unsettling in prison as it was on the outside. And it was that unsettling behavior that, on Nov. 28, 1994, prompted Christopher Scarver to beat the serial killer and another inmate to death, Scarver told the New York Post in an exclusive new interview.

Scarver -- who had been shopping his story around to book publishers after he emerged from 18 years in solitary confinement for the killings -- said he hated Dahmer for the cannibalism, and for his dark sense of humor. He told the Post that Dahmer would play disturbing jokes on other inmates at the Wisconsin prison, such as fashioning fake body parts out of prison food.

Dahmer was usually escorted at all times by a prison guard, but on the day he was killed, officers left him alone with Scarver and another inmate. The Post reports on the pair's fateful meeting:


In the interview with the Post, Scarver attributes his psychological problems to his diet, saying "certain foods I eat cause me to have a psychotic break -- bread, refined sugar."


NYC man builds "Tiny House" for his "homeless neighbor" sleeping in the dirt on his street


Here in New York City, there are a record number of homeless people, with close to 60,000 men, women, and children on the streets. To say it’s an epidemic is an understatement — and while every person’s circumstances are different, it can be difficult to choose if and when to help. That’s because not every homeless person is like this kind man, who wanted to change his life and used a generous donation to get a fresh start.

Elvis Summers of Los Angeles knew he could give a homeless person something of greater value than cash, something that might otherwise be unattainable on their own. Elvis took a liking to his 60-year-old homeless neighbor, Smokie, who had been sleeping in the dirt on his street and would stop by his home asking for cans.

One morning, Elvis read about a man who jumped on board with the Tiny House Movement and was helping make homes out of discarded material for the homeless. That’s when he was inspired to give Smokie a place of her own. As you can see in the time-lapse video he made, the $500 it cost to make the tiny home was way more valuable than cash.

Best of all? The cops in Elvis and Smokie’s neighborhood support the tiny home, just as long as they move it every 72 hours.

KARAOKE. Proof that the Devil is not a fictional character, or good clean wholesome family fun?

I vote "Devil."

Your thoughts?

Morrisey's "Scathing Open Letter to Al Gore and Live Earth"

Read Morrissey's Scathing Open Letter to Al Gore and Live Earth
"Serving meat and dairy products at an event to combat climate change is like selling pistols at a gun-control rally," Smiths singer says of June 18th global event
By Daniel Kreps April 29, 2015


Morrissey has penned an open letter to Al Gore asking that the former vice president offer a vegan-only menu at the 2015 incarnation of Live Earth. In the letter addressed to Gore and fellow Live Earth co-founder Kevin Wall, obtained exclusively by Rolling Stone, the Smiths singer, along with PETA, writes, "Serving meat and dairy products at an event to combat climate change is like selling pistols at a gun-control rally."

"We already know that raising animals for food is a leading cause of climate change and that moving toward a vegan diet is necessary to combat climate change's worst effects," Morrissey writes. "Animal agriculture severely affects the world's freshwater supply and is a major contributor to global greenhouse-gas emissions, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and air and water pollution, among many other harmful effects."

Gore, Wall and Pharrell Williams – the latter in the role of creative director – announced that the 2015 Live Earth event would take place June 18th in a series of concerts in six continents over the course of 24 hours. Dubbed "Live Earth Road to Paris," the fest marks the beginning of a yearlong campaign to "shine a global spotlight" before this year's United Nation climate change conference in Paris. The event promises to feature over 100 artists, though no talent has been announced yet.

Morrissey, who cemented his view of carnivores with the Smiths album title Meat Is Murder, threatened to cancel a February 2013 performance at Los Angeles' Staples Center because the venue housed vendors – including McDonalds – that offered meat products. While the Staples Center didn't go entirely meat-free, Morrissey agreed to perform after the venue closed all McDonalds outlets as well as expanded their vegetarian options. (In his open letter to Gore, Morrissey also boasts that his June concert at New York's Madison Square Garden will also be entirely meat-free, though a spokesperson for the venue did not immediately reply to a request for confirmation.)

Merle Haggard Graduates High School At Age 78 With Special Ceremony

Merle Haggard Graduates High School With Special Ceremony


Merle Haggard is a three-time Grammy winner, a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and the recipient of the prestigious Kennedy Center Honor. The legendary "poet of the common man" also holds an honorary doctorate from California State University in Bakersfield. Now, the 78-year-old proves you're never too old — or accomplished — to receive something most young students take for granted: a high school diploma.

Six decades after attending Bakersfield High School (for less than two weeks), Haggard has received his diploma, in spite of having never passed a single class before dropping out as a freshman. The Bakersfield Californian reports that David Reese, Bakersfield High School principal, and Don Hemingway, one of the Hag's grade-school classmates, urged his alma mater to honor the singer-songwriter as a fellow "Driller," in spite of his less-than-impressive academic record.

Haggard was presented with his long-awaited sheepskin at an informal gathering in an alley outside Bakersfield's Fox Theater on Saturday afternoon. "But I was only there nine days," the bemused entertainer said as he was handed the blue-and-white-framed document.

Haggard, whose older sister, Lillian Haggard Rea, was registrar at the high school at the same time her brother was routinely truant, had arranged with a counselor to have the future country icon sent to Juvenile Hall to straighten him out. It didn't work…not right away, anyway. In 1958, Haggard would serve a little less than two years at San Quentin State Prison for burglary. As an inmate at San Quentin, Haggard witnessed a performance by country giant Johnny Cash, which he would credit for finally turning things around and setting him on his own path to superstardom. In 1972, he was pardoned by then-California Governor Ronald Reagan.

The Onion: Kitchen-Floor Conflict Intensifies As Rival House Cats Claim Same Empty Bag

Kitchen-Floor Conflict Intensifies As Rival House Cats Claim Same Empty Bag

MAPLEWOOD, MO—Ongoing turmoil in the troubled kitchen-floor region of the Branson household reached a boiling point Tuesday, as relations between rival house cats Boswell and Johnson erupted into fresh violence. Observers said the arrival of a new brown paper-bag in the area ignited long-standing tensions and set off another round of territorial conflict between the two factions in the most serious aggression since the devastating stove-side siege of 2005.

The afternoon was marred by sporadic fighting, according to reports, with opposing forces darting and then retreating in surprise attacks. Boswell held his position despite relentless onslaughts from Johnson, who repeatedly batted the controversial bag along the ancient linoleum surface. By the end of the day, neither side displayed any intention to halt reprisals without the other first relinquishing claims and pulling out permanently—an outcome those close to the fighting called "unlikely at best."

"What people unfamilar with the history here must understand is that this seemingly empty and barren paper bag has rapidly become the third most important site in the area after the scratching post in the living room and the breakfast-nook windowsill," former CIA analyst Brian Haddox said. "Not only is it seen by both Boswellist and Johnsonian interests as a crucial location for establishing territorial control in the kitchen-floor region, but it also makes a crumpling sound that both sides find irresistible."

Added Haddox, "Unfortunately, hostilities have destabilized this already tenuous peace at least until nap time."


Time for another EXCITING round of "Name Your First Celebrity Crush."

Actor or actress, musician, hell...I know some folks whose first love was the local "Weather Lady."

For me, it was Julie Newmar as Catwoman.

Your turn!

Looks like Evil Dick wore Junior down and he's now ready to talk shit about Obama.

LAS VEGAS — Former President George W. Bush said the United States must show that it can follow through on its promises, and argued against the lifting of sanctions against Iran during rare remarks about foreign policy in a meeting with hundreds of Jewish donors here Saturday night.

Mr. Bush told the 700 donors attending a closed-door Republican Jewish Coalition spring meeting that he would not criticize President Obama, whose aim to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State he applauded. But the former president nevertheless offered comments that many in the audience viewed as a tacit critique of his successor.

Mr. Bush voiced skepticism about the Obama administration’s pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran. Although he had begun the diplomatic effort to press Iran to give up its nuclear program, Mr. Bush questioned whether it was wise to lift sanctions against Tehran when the Islamic government seemed to be caving in, and suggested that the United States risked losing leverage if it did so.


Marco Rubio pounces on the 2nd "G" of the Republicans' sacred "GGG" hat trick campaign strategy

Yesterday he was howling about the "right to pray" (Google it, I'm too lazy).

So there's the first G, "God."

Then he went to the second G, "Gays," so I assume later this week he will educate us on "Guns."

Marco...isn't he dreamy?

Marco Rubio To Brody File: There Is No Constitutional Right To Gay Marriage

In a one-on-one interview with The Brody File in Des Moines Iowa this weekend, GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio says there is NO constitutional right to gay marriage. “It doesn’t exist. There is no federal constitutional right to same sex marriage. There isn’t such a right. You have to have a ridiculous reading of the U.S. constitution to reach the conclusion that people have a right to marry someone of the same sex.”

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