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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,489

Journal Archives

The punchlines write THEMSELVES: George Zimmerman is now a security guard in a gun store

George Zimmerman's New Job: Security Guard At A Gun Store
The Huffington Post | By Andy Campbell

Posted: 07/29/2014 12:35 pm EDT Updated: 54 minutes ago


George Zimmerman says he recently found work as a security guard at a store that sells motorcycles, guns and ammunition, according to police.

A year after he was acquitted of murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, DeLand, Florida, police found Zimmerman parked in a truck outside of Pompano Pat's Motorcycles, according to WFTV. It's the same shop whose owner received death threats for offering Zimmerman a handgun identical to the one he used in the shooting of Martin.

An officer spotted a dark-colored truck behind Pompano Pat's at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday and found Zimmerman, according to a report obtained by My News 13. He told the officer that the owner of Pompano Pat's asked him to guard the store following a recent burglary.

Zimmerman was not arrested, but the owner of the shop could not be reached to corroborate his claims.

Tan-in-a-Can Man uses Billy Joel puns to attack, ack, ack, ack, ack, ack Obama's jobs plan

John Boehner Uses Billy Joel Puns to Blast Obama's Jobs Plan
House speaker salutes Gershwin Prize winner by weaving song titles into an attack


By Miriam Coleman
July 26, 2014 5:09 PM ET

After the news came out earlier this week that Billy Joel will receive the Library of Congress' Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, John Boehner celebrated the Piano Man in his own fashion. The House Speaker's office closed out the week with a press release regarding the nation's jobs situation wrought entirely of puns on Joel's song titles.

Headed "14 of Our Recent Greatest Hits on Jobs," the bullet-pointed list includes groaners like "No, 'We Didn’t Start the Fire' of uncertainty that has small businesses in Southwest Ohio and nationwide struggling under ObamaCare," and "Yet the president just has to be a 'Big Shot,' bragging about his policies when Americans are having a tough time."

Some of the hits even manage to fit multiple track titles into a single point, as in: "On top of all this, the president’s 'Shameless' push for 'economic patriotism' would just make things worse, with even more jobs 'Movin' Out' of the country." And "So 'Say Goodbye to Hollywood,' Mr. President, and work with us to help grow the middle class and expand opportunity for everyone, from the 'Piano Man' to the 'Uptown Girl.'"

It seems unlikely that Billy Joel would sign off on the message behind the press release, however. Although he has largely tried to keep his politics to himself, Joel joined Bruce Springsteen in 2008 to play a campaign benefit for Obama in New York.

Cross-posted to GD: Kevin Bacon's Tough Day (GREAT video)

Kevin Bacon's Tough Day (GREAT video)

Sarah Palin: "I think I know my gay friends well enough to know that not one of them would..."

Sarah Palin

Wednesday, July 23 at 4:25pm


Check out this post at Bristol’s blog and offer your thoughts. (I so appreciate her sincere and respectful “what do you think?” approach to these topics.) I am a huge admirer of Coach Dungy's, and I totally get where he's coming from. Looking at this personally, my family and I have been told certain event organizers would like us to participate in something but just can't because of the distractions I'd invite. I totally get it and I don't want to burden them with anything that takes focus off their mission. I don't whine that those people "uninviting" us are sexist or anti-conservative or anti-Christian. It is what it is, and in sports a coach needs to FOCUS on the goal, not unnecessary distractions! The key to victory on the field is keeping the main thing, the main thing.

(And, by the way, I think I know my gay friends well enough to know that not one of them would take offense with Coach Dungy's commonsense comments. In fact, from what they've told me, they're as sick and tired of the intolerant, politically correct thought police as I am. The small minority of uber-sensitive intolerant gays who make a big darn deal out of anything that can be spun up as “offensive” are really giving fellow members of their community a bad rap.)

- Sarah Palin

Here's the link:


Panic! at the Disco Turn Westboro Baptist Protest Into Charity Drive

Panic! at the Disco Turn Westboro Baptist Protest Into Charity Drive

The hate group recently protested Vegas band's concert in Kansas City, Missouri


July 21, 2014 9:55 AM ET

The outspoken homophobes of Westboro Baptist Church protested Panic! at the Disco's Sunday night concert in Kansas City, Missouri. But the glam-rock band harnessed that hatemongering into a platform for a good cause: "Today @WBCSays is going to picket us. For every member of WBC that actually shows up we will donate $20 to @HRC [the Human Right Campaign]," the band wrote before the show on Twitter, using the hashtag #pride2014. Westboro responded, claiming that, besides the "myriads of angels" there in spirit, they managed to corral 13 protestors – but Panic deemed those results "weak" and decided to raise their donation amount to "an even $1,000." (They also donated 5 percent of their merch sales from that show to HRC.)

But, unsurprisingly, the exchange wasn't over for WBC, who continued to send hateful messages to the band after the show. A series of tweets included a Vine video of a woman driving her car on the street as protestors picket on a sidewalk. "[email protected] $1000-pretty lame," wrote the group. "How about you donate the ticket price of all your fans who cheered the woman who tried to run us over?" The group followed that up Monday morning with another message: "What is this @PanicAtTheDisco tripe? There'll be panic at the second coming of Christ! (Rev. 6:16)," along with a picture of Panic frontman Brendon Urie wielding a microphone and text that reads "Repent! or Perish."

The Panic/Westboro back-and-forth started last Thursday, when the church released a parody song called "You Love Sin What a Tragedy," a send-up of the band's 2006 single "I Write Sins Not Tragedies." The original tune from the Vegas band defended a bride against wedding day accusations of being a "whore," but Westboro Baptist Church twisted it into a condemnation of gay marriage, with lyrics such as, "Oh! You all say it's okay to be gay/ The way to fag marriage has been paved/ Well this calls for some truth, now/ You're all insane."

Panic! at the Disco released their fourth studio album, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!, last year.

My niece got married today. During the wedding, someone stole her money out of her purse.

I mean, what the fuck?

How LOW do you have to be to do that, to be one of the guests at a wedding and steal all of the money out of the bride's purse?

I was there taking photos...everyone was so happy, and the day ended with this.

This is when you trust in Karma.

Grifterella's Photo Op with the "Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives."

Sarah Palin added 2 new photos.

Sunday, July 20 at 1:06pm


Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, I was so thankful to meet you yesterday! This is the beautiful Stockham family: Debra, Casper, Faith, and Cheryl.

Blues legend Johnny Winter dies in Switzerland


Guitarist, singer and music producer Johnny Winter has died at age 70.

Winter, older brother of Edgar Winter — also a music legend — rose to fame in the late 1960s and '70s with his performances and recordings that included producing his childhood hero Muddy Waters.

"I love blues. I don't mind a little rock and roll, too, as long as it's blues-based rock and roll," he told Guitar World in 2010.

Winter's representative, Carla Parisi, confirmed Thursday to AP that Winter died Wednesday in a hotel room in Zurich. A Facebook note says "his wife, family and bandmates were all saddened by the loss of one of the world's finest guitarists."

Joe Scarborough wants to talk about Hillary's car elevators...

...that's sarcasm, or course, but pretty close to the direction this morning's show took.

He was talking about the way Romney was portrayed as "wealthy and out of touch" and used "Flat Broke-gate" to draw comparisons.

Haven't seen MSNBC in a couple of years. He's still a beady eyed little shit, isn't he?

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