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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 8,308

Journal Archives

Donald Trump skips wishing daughter Tiffany a happy birthday

Donald Trump skips wishing daughter Tiffany a happy birthday


It looks like President Donald Trump did not wish the youngest daughter of the Trump family a happy birthday.

Tiffany Trump turned 24-years-old on Friday, October 13 and it looks like the Twitter-savvy commander-in-chief and the rest of the family did not send any best wishes to the birthday girl by social media.

The Georgetown University law student has spent a lot of time out of the public eye, unlike her older siblings Ivanka and Donald Jr. Despite her time out of the public eye, she managed to wish her father a happy birthday with an Instagram picture back in June.

While it’s possible the President could have wished his daughter a happy birthday in a more personal announcement, he has wished many other people and entities a happy birthday through Twitter.

Ivanka, Melania, and Donald Trump Jr. all got birthday wishes via Twitter from the president. Even the U.S Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force and Army all got shout-outs from Trump on their birthdays.

SNL - "Kellywise"

Alec Baldwin SNL: "I took an IQ test it came back positive"

NY biology professor: If Jesus had Twitter, he would have tweeted like Trump


At the annual Values Voter Summit (VVS) in Washington this weekend, former congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who serves on Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board, said in an interview with me on SiriusXM Progress that Donald Trump is now a “committed believer” of Jesus Christ and a “man of faith” who has “asked God for help and wisdom.”

Attendee Joel Brind of New Hamburg, New York, a college biology professor, explained that Jesus would have tweeted like Trump.

“If there were twitter then, [Jesus] would have used it in a similar way, I think,” Brind said.

I wouldn’t restrict it to just [Trump’s] tweets. His communications in general are tactically [emulating Christ]. I don’t want to be misinterpreted to say that everything he says is equivalent to gospel. I mean, he’s on the right side, and his tactics are more reminiscent of Christ, of the tactics that Christ used when he walked the earth and which he admonished his followers to use also.

Bannon flip-flops. Trump will now take 2020 with 400 YUGE electoral votes.

Fired White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon addressed the Values Voters Summit on Saturday and appeared to hit back at his own comments from earlier this week regarding President Donald Trump’s chances of finishing his term without resigning or getting impeached.

The Daily Beast said Bannon told the right-wing Christians of the Values Voters Summit that Trump “is not only going to finish this term, he’s going to win with 400 electoral votes in 2020.”

This is in stark contrast to leaked Bannon remarks printed in Vanity Fair in an article by Gabe Sherman that said Bannon only gives Trump 30 percent odds of finishing his term.


WELL...if you're Jared Kushner, you are probably waking up screaming to THIS mental image.

Manafort and Kushner likely incriminated by Reince Priebus in Mueller questioning: analyst




Trump, weeks after repeatedly referring to the non-existent African country of "Nambia," pronounces Tanzania as Tan-zayn-ee-ah

Oh, FFS..."PRESIDENT of the Virgin Islands." Insert joke here, friends...I got nothin' left.

In the official transcript, the White House has crossed out the president's comment that he met with the president of the Virgin Islands


The Lovin Spoonful Fire Guitarist Jerry Yester After Child Pornography Charges

I know this is heavy for the Lounge, but I am assuming it is still a "showbiz" post, so that's why it's here.

The Lovin’ Spoonful Fire Guitarist Jerry Yester After Child Pornography Charges


The Lovin’ Spoonful have dismissed longtime guitarist Jerry Yester after his arrest for 30 counts of child pornography. Yester’s arrest, confirmed by People, was the result of an investigation by the Arkansas Attorney General’s Cyber Crimes unit, which traced the download of the felonious content to a computer at his address. According to reports, he was released on a $35,000 bond after being booked Oct. 5.

“We are as numbed and shocked as the public is about these serious charges that have been brought against guitarist Jerry Yester, whom has been replaced and is no longer a member of our group,” the band explained in a statement. “We have a longstanding relationship with Buddy Lee Attractions and we will continue to share our music on the road. We do not want to disappoint our loyal fans. Out of the respect for those affected by these circumstances, we are canceling a couple of performances and will resume our tour on Oct. 27.”

While they’re resuming their tour later this month, dates beyond Oct. 27 appear to be impacted. NewsOK reports that an Oklahoma City show scheduled for Nov. 17 has been canceled, and a representative from the venue confirmed the change in plans was due to the fallout from Yester’s arrest.

A late arrival to the lineup during the Lovin’ Spoonful’s original incarnation, Yester joined only a year prior to the band’s 1969 breakup, but he was on hand when co-founders Joe Butler and Steve Boone decided to put together a reunion without singer John Sebastian in 1991, and he’s remained a part of the lineup ever since. The group’s press release didn’t specify who, if anyone, will be taking Yester’s place.

Doctor Quits Puerto Rico Medical Relief Team Over "Spa Day" Rachel Maddow

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