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Miles Archer

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Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 06:49 PM
Number of posts: 8,714

Journal Archives

Trump campaign chair caught in a motel room with an underage boy


Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey is under investigation by the Moore, OK police after he was caught in a Super 8 Motel room with a minor boy.

“On March 9 … officers of the Moore Police Department were contacted in reference to a welfare check at a local hotel,” Lt. Kyle Dudley told NewsOK.com. “Responding officers found a juvenile male in a hotel room which was also occupied by an adult male. The circumstances surrounding this incident are currently under investigation and no additional information can be released at this time.”

An employee of the hotel confirmed to KOCO that a man named “Ralph Allen Shortey” checked in at approximately 12:20 a.m. asking for a room with two beds. Just 30 minutes later the police arrived responding to a “welfare check,” though no one has come forward admitting to the call.

No one has been arrested and no charges have been filed, but text messages between the boy and Shortey are being investigated by police. Shortey’s legislative office door was found to have a note saying that he would be gone for the week.

Shortey was the chair of President Donald Trump’s campaign during the primary elections.

White House consumed by paranoia & mistrust: "Everybody actually is out to get everyone else" #MAGA!

White House consumed by paranoia and mistrust: ‘Everybody actually is out to get everyone else’


A senior aide told Politico that staffers spend hours digging through news reports trying to determine who’s leaking information to the press, and aides use encrypted messages and turn off their work-issued devices to thwart eavesdroppers.

“I wouldn’t call it paranoia under the circumstances,” one Republican close to the Trump administration said. “It’s not paranoia if people really are out to get you, and everybody actually is out to get everyone else.”

One aide told the website that he turns off his work phone and stashes it in a drawer, and he makes off-hours calls on a personal phone in the next room, like Winston Smith ducking into an alcove to hide from the telescreen in George Orwell’s “1984,” so the hidden phone can’t pick up his voice.

“(They’re) mimicking what they’re seeing at the top,” said another Republican close to the White House. “Everyone at the top is so suspicious that it trickles down the org chart, so everyone has become paranoid and suspicious.”

Trump Tweets: I love Detroit jobs, tax returns, why no Snoop outcry, & "big fun Nashville rally"

"24 million people is the entire population of Vermont, Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota...

...Delaware, Rhode Island, Nebraska, New Mexico, Kansas and Wyoming combined — and then some"

“The big news that broke in Washington late this afternoon was word from the Congressional Budget Office that the Republican plan to get rid of Obamacare. The Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act would throw 24 million Americans off their health insurance, which is absolutely astonishing,” Maddow explained.

“If you’re trying to get your head around 24 million Americans,” Maddow continued, “How many people that is, it is roughly — this is slightly understating the case — but it is roughly the population of all of these states combined.”

With that Maddow put up a map of the US, with states highlighted by their current population to show the health care devastation.

“24 million people is the entire population of Vermont, Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Rhode Island, Nebraska, New Mexico, Kansas and Wyoming combined — and then some,” she said. “That’s the number of Americans who would get thrown off their health insurance if this Republican thing passes to get rid of Obamacare.”


Once again, Sean Spicer is the voice of cool, calm reason in the "Let's Kill Medicaid" debate.

“Government-run, government-mandated health care has actually gone a muck!” Spicer shot back.

“What’s wrong with government-run health care?” Acosta interrupted. “Medicare is government-run health care. I don’t see citizens screaming that they want you to get rid of their Medicare.”

“Maybe get outside and talk to some of them,” Spicer said. “More and more Medicaid recipients — in fact, more and more Medicare recipients aren’t actually able to get coverage.”

“The president’s goal is to provide health care coverage to every American,” he continued. “And right now, they’re not getting that… To make this look like a choice, there isn’t really a choice. The system that we have now is failing. The choices is whether we give them an opportunity to have real care.”


Top Trump backer: Its time to throw Paul Ryan and his health care "death wish" under the bus

Top Trump backer: It’s time to throw Paul Ryan and his health care ‘death wish’ under the bus


In a new column published on Tuesday, (Newsmax CEO Paul) Ruddy advises the president to ditch Ryan’s Obamacare replacement plan, which he says only enhances the worst aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

“I am amazed that House Republicans haven’t given up on their political death wish,” Ruddy writes of the GOP’s health care plan. “Interestingly, Ryan Plan II accepts key parts of the Obamacare law that benefit the insurance industry. But it ends the Medicaid expansion program that benefits the poor and keeps costs down. Instead, Ryan II forces poor individuals back into the private health insurance market with the help of tax credits. I wonder who that benefits?”

Instead of lining up behind Ryan’s plan and trying to appease the House Freedom Caucus, Ruddy recommends that Trump throw conservatives under the bus and strike out on his own with a health plan aimed at winning Democratic votes.

“Trump won the presidency by trusting his own instincts and ignoring the GOP establishment, including its views on healthcare,” he writes. “Donald Trump staked out the high moral ground by calling for a feasible system of universal healthcare to replace Obamacare. He shouldn’t retreat for that no matter how much the establishment GOP dislikes it.”

"Very nice people": Trump confuses Saudi crown prince by sarcastically insulting the press

‘Very nice people’: Trump confuses Saudi crown prince by sarcastically insulting the press


President Donald Trump reportedly baffled Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Tuesday by tossing a sarcastic insult at the press.

Reporters were briefly let into the Oval Office on Tuesday for a photo spray of Trump with the prince.

With the sound of camera shutters in the background, Trump turned to the prince and pointed at members of the press corps.

“Very nice people,” he quipped.

“We hope so,” the prince replied with a tilt of his head, laughing uncomfortably.


Paul Ryan's Twitter call to go sledding on Capitol Hill does not go well at all.

Cabinet maker in Ryan's district pissed off about RyanCare tax cuts for rich, but still likes Trump

One Trump voter, who owns a cabinet making shop in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) district, told Bloomberg that he still supports the president even though he is angry about the tax cuts.

“It pisses me off, but my wife pisses me off, too, and we’re still married,” Dan Peuschold explained.

Peuschold said that he and his 15 employees did not make enough to take advantage of the tax cuts. And he argued that the wealthy could afford to pay higher taxes.

“I don’t like the cut because it’s pocket change for them,” he insisted. “Us guys that work all the time don’t have the deep pockets. It’s us people who are in the middle class who are the backbone of this country.”


Liberal Redneck shreds Trumpcare: The whole g*ddamned thing is such a f*cking abortion

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