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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 06:49 PM
Number of posts: 13,466

Journal Archives

Trump's justification for not believing Daniels is "He just doesn't believe." #SpankMeWithForbes

Morning Joe: Stormy Daniels gives Mueller leverage to threaten "Manafort treatment" against Cohen

Melania's spokesperson responds to the "Did she watch 60 minutes" question

Peter Alexander

Verified account


NEW: Melania Trump focusing on "future projects," per WH.

Asked whether FLOTUS watched the Stormy Daniels interview or has any comment, FLOTUS spox tells me: “She's focused on being a mom and is quite enjoying spring break at Mar-a-Lago while working on future projects.”

8:46 AM - 26 Mar 2018


Doocy urges Trump to "declare an emergency" to use DOD funds to build "The Wall"

Avenatti: "We have a litany of more evidence in this case, and its going to be disclosed"

The attorney, Michael Avenatti, also reiterated his claim that Daniels possesses a trove of evidence to support her story. His TV blitz showed that the controversy surrounding the alleged affair—and the very real possibility that the Trump campaign violated campaign finance laws to keep Daniels quiet—was far from over.

“We have a litany of more evidence in this case, and it’s going to be disclosed, and it’s going to be laid bare for the American public,” Avenatti told Good Morning America.

“Direct evidence from President Trump that would prove an affair?” host George Stephanopoulos asked.

“Absolutely,” Avenatti responded. He did not reveal what kind of evidence Daniels might have.


Trump DOWNGRADES economy from "BEST under ANY president EVER" to "looking really good."

He seems distracted or something, like maybe something upset him last night.

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


The economy is looking really good. It has been many years that we have seen these kind of numbers. The underlying strength of companies has perhaps never been better.

4:05 AM - 26 Mar 2018


WOW! President Trump offers a STINGING indictment of FAKE NEWS...but mentions no SPECIFICS.

Did he see something on TV last night that he felt was fake? HOW WILL WE KNOW if he doesn't TELL us???

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


So much Fake News. Never been more voluminous or more inaccurate. But through it all, our country is doing great!

5:38 AM - 26 Mar 2018


ACTUAL footage of Trump after viewing 60 Minutes (yeah, OK, it's click bait. But worth it)!

Tweet from Melania's Communications Director.

Stephanie Grisham

Verified account


While I know the media is enjoying speculation & salacious gossip, Id like to remind people there’s a minor child who’s name should be kept out of news stories when at all possible.

5:54 PM - 25 Mar 2018


"He stormed toward the door of the White House, scowling and...

...appearing to repeatedly open his mouth as though he wanted to speak before closing it again quickly."

There's video at the link below, but I couldn't embed it since it's from Vimeo.

Watch Trump’s lonely and silent walk of shame as he arrives at the White House on #StormySunday


For all his angry tweets and generally poor temperament, Donald Trump is normally happy-go-lucky when the bright lights are on and he has no obligation to answer questions.

But the normally cheery Trump looked dour as he arrived back at the White House, where he will watch tonight’s bombshell 60 Minutes interview with his alleged former lover, Stormy Daniels.

He stormed toward the door of the White House, scowling and appearing to repeatedly open his mouth as though he wanted to speak before closing it again quickly.

Melania Trump is staying behind at Ma-A-Lago with the couple’s son.
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