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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 06:49 PM
Number of posts: 13,437

Journal Archives

On MSNBC now...Steve Kornacki discussing the Bush & Romney "whisper campaigns"

Jeb: Comparing him to Romney is like "comparing an apple to a peanut."

Oh, brother...

Romney expressing "concerns" over Bush's days as an adviser to Lehman Brothers.

Bush implying that he has all of the things you like about Romney and none of the things you don't like.


Police say gunman kills three in Idaho shooting spree

Source: Reuters

(Reuters) - A 29-year-old man killed three people and critically wounded another during a shooting spree in the northern Idaho city of Moscow on Saturday which ended when the gunman crashed his vehicle during a high-speed chase with police, authorities said.

The shootings occurred in rapid succession in downtown Moscow just after 2:30 p.m. local time when a caller reported to police that a gunman had shot two people at a local business.

Police later identified the shooter as John Lee, 29, of Moscow. Lee is believed to have first killed his mother at her home before driving to an office building and shooting and killing his landlord, and wounding another man who was in the landlord's office, said Moscow Police Chief David Duke.

Lee then drove to a restaurant and asked to see the manager, before shooting and killing the 47-year-old woman, Duke said.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/01/11/us-usa-idaho-shootings-idUSKBN0KK03L20150111?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews&utm_source=twitter

The 3.5 LB, $20 Green Bay Packers "Big Game Burger"...venison, beef, bacon, jalapeno cheese sauce...

Sorry in advance for the fact that it's a Fox link, but it's a story about a hamburger, not a politician.

Just in time for the playoffs, Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, has introduced a monster burger loaded with three different types of meat and truckload of toppings.

At $20, the Big Game Burger certainly isn’t cheap but it’s loaded with enough protein and extras to feed a small army. The full list includes:

-½ pound ground venison
-½ pound ground bacon
-½ pound ground certified Angus beef
-Jalapeno cheese BBQ sauce
-Six strips of crispy jalapeno smoked bacon
-Fried onions
-Shredded lettuce
- Sliced tomato
-Secret sauce
-Served on a pretzel bun

Packers fans will be able to chow down on The Big Game Burger this weekend when Green Bay takes on the Dallas Cowboys at home.


Dick Cheney Targeted By Anti-Torture Protesters (orange jumpsuits arrive at Casa Dick)

Dick Cheney Targeted By Anti-Torture Protesters


WASHINGTON, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Two protesters were arrested at the McLean, Virginia, home of former Vice President Dick Cheney on Saturday after 20 demonstrators, some in orange prison jumpsuits, walked onto his property to mark the 14th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay prison.

The protesters from the anti-war group Code Pink walked up to the house before police arrived and asked them to leave, said Fairfax County police spokesman Roger Henriquez. Two members who refused to go were arrested on trespassing charges, he said.

Police identified the two as Tighe Barry, 57, and Eve Tetaz, 83, both of Washington DC. The pair face misdemeanor charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct, police said.

Another Code Pink group demonstrated without incident outside the home of CIA Director John Brennan, also in the Washington, D.C. suburb of McLean, as part of its "Guantanamo Anniversary Weekend Torturers Tour."

Bill Cosby makes a "rape joke." FUCK YOU, you pitiful excuse for a human being. FUCK YOU.

The Worst Part About Bill Cosby's Rape Joke
It reportedly drew cheers and applause when he uttered it at a stand-up show in London, Ontario on Thursday.
By Lucia Graves


During his show in Canada on Thursday night, Bill Cosby used a comedy performance to make a joke about the 20-plus women alleging he drugged them or sexually assaulted them. When a woman in the front row of the performance space said she was getting up to get a drink, Cosby reportedly told her, "You have to be careful about drinking around me."

The comments, relayed via Twitter by Richard Warnica, a reporter from the National Post in Toronto, were well received by Cosby's audience. After some initial gasps, "the gasps then changed to cheers and applause," according to Warnica's tweets. Later in the performance, a single heckler was removed (though more than 100 protesters were gathered outside the arena).

The comedian has long refused to answer questions about the rape allegations against him, recently stonewalling NPR's Scott Simon when Simon inquired about the reports on a Weekend Edition Saturday show. But Cosby is apparently not above joking about the allegations—and that's just fine with his some of his fans.

After the show, Cosby openly reveled in his joke's warm reception. "One outburst, but over 2,600 loyal, patient, and courageous fans enjoyed the most wonderful medicine that exist for humankind. Laughter."

"If there’s some sort of outburst, we just have to remain calm and things will be taken care of..."

Bill Cosby Confronted by Hecklers During Final Show of Canadian Tour


After the audience was warned of possible disruptions during the comedian's performance at Hamilton Place Theater in Ontario, the group of approximately 30 hecklers stood up and chanted, "We believe the women," before leaving the venue voluntarily, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As Cosby tried to calm the audience, which included others yelling, "We believe the men, we love you, Bill," security moved in on the group of women, who had taken off their coats to display their handmade shirts, which were written with "We Believe the Women" on the front. But before they could be shown the door, Cosby called out to the security team, "Stop, stop, let them ... let them have their say."

Following the women's departure, a man stood up in the audience and yelled, "You're a piece of s---. You rapist," before being escorted outside.

Prior to the protesters' shouts, Cosby addressed the crowd, saying, "Whatever happens here tonight, if there's some sort of outburst, we just have to remain calm and things will be taken care of."

Petraeus legacy: PROOF that you can be CIA Director, a 4 Star General, AND a clueless fucking tool

F.B.I. and Justice Dept. Said to Seek Charges for Petraeus



WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against David H. Petraeus, contending that he provided classified information to a lover while he was director of the C.I.A., officials said, and leaving Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to decide whether to seek an indictment that could send the pre-eminent military officer of his generation to prison.

The Justice Department investigation stems from an affair Mr. Petraeus had with Paula Broadwell, an Army Reserve officer who was writing his biography, and focuses on whether he gave her access to his C.I.A. email account and other highly classified information.

F.B.I. agents discovered classified documents on her computer after Mr. Petraeus resigned from the C.I.A. in 2012 when the affair became public.

Mr. Petraeus, a retired four-star general who served as commander of American forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan, has said he never provided classified information to Ms. Broadwell, and has indicated to the Justice Department that he has no interest in a plea deal that would spare him an embarrassing trial. A lawyer for Mr. Petraeus, Robert B. Barnett, said Friday he had no comment.

Hmmm...I wonder if "Mexican Drug Cartel" is secret code for "Rick Perry's Campaign Manager?"

One of my "Res State" Facebook friends just posted this on his page. SHOCKING FACT or SCAM? I report, you decide.

ALERT -- Drug Cartel Places $45 Million Bounty on Rick Perry’s Head


(by Kit Daniels, Infowars) -- A Mexican drug cartel reportedly placed a $45 million bounty on Texas Gov. Rick Perry, prompting heavy security around the governor, a political insider said.

The insider, who is deep within Republican politics, said an unusual number of black-clad, heavily armed state troopers are escorting Perry to speeches and other public events, such as a recent dinner in South Carolina.

“My state representative was just at a dinner honoring Gov. Perry and observed an unusual amount of security, so [he] asked around and found Perry has a $45 million bounty on his head from [a] Mexican cartel,” he said. “They have been trying to keep it quiet for obvious reasons, but the security is humongous.”

When reached for comment, Perry’s press secretary, Lucy Nashed, confirmed the dinner but referred security questions to the Texas Department of Public Safety, which when contacted refused to give “specifics.”
Posted by Miles Archer | Fri Jan 9, 2015, 04:04 PM (4 replies)

House OKs Keystone XL pipeline

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)Defying a presidential veto threat, the House of Representatives passed a bill approving the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The vote was 266-153, with more than two dozen Democrats joining nearly all Republicans to pass the measure. It was the first time the legislation passed in the new session of Congress which began Tuesday, but the tenth time the GOP-controlled House has sent a bill approving the pipeline to the Senate.

Rep. Justin Amash, of Michigan, was the only Republican to vote "present," and 28 Democrats voted to approve the measure.

Congressional Republicans have made the pipeline one of their first priorities in the new session, arguing it would created tens of thousands of jobs, and pointing out the measure has received Democratic support. A Senate committee passed its Keystone legislation on Thursday, and the bill is scheduled for a vote later this month. Senate GOP leaders are confident they have enough votes to overcome a Democratic filibuster on the bill, but they do not believe they can sustain a veto.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/09/politics/nebraska-keystone-pipeline/
Posted by Miles Archer | Fri Jan 9, 2015, 01:53 PM (6 replies)

Hostages freed from East Paris market, dead asshole brothers got their "martyr" status

On the TV, no links yet. Claim that they are dead is from Sky news.
Posted by Miles Archer | Fri Jan 9, 2015, 11:29 AM (6 replies)
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