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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 8,017

Journal Archives

Maine woman ordered by city to take down "I love Trump" & "He Won, Get over it" signs

'Shocked': Maine woman ordered by city to take down pro-Trump signs

Susan Reitman has hung two banners on her front gate: one that says "I love Trump" and another that says "He Won, Get over it." She received a notice from the city’s code enforcement office a few days ago, asking her to take them down. "I was shocked," she said. "This is my freedom of speech. People have a right to voice their opinion."

Assistant Code Officer Bill Butler said another Rockland resident complained about the signs' size. The city ordinance states residential signs can be no larger than 2 square feet. Reitman’s signs are a little larger than 3 feet by 2 feet. "They’re well over the limit," said Butler.

He said residents need to apply for permits to display signs like that. They are able to follow an appeals process, if their permits are denied. Reitman said she wasn’t aware of the ordinance, and feels it should be changed to allow for this kind of political speech. She has until Friday to remove the banners, or else face a fine between $100-$1,000 a day.

Reitman has no plans to pay fines or remove signs. "If I have to sit in jail for the rest of eternity, that’s my choice," she said. "I guess I’m being stubborn ... but I’m not going to back down from what I believe."


Florida GOP rep Ross Spano "likes" football, Jesus, and porn clips from "Goddess Lesbian."

Florida anti-porn GOP lawmaker Ross Spano ‘liked’ porno on Twitter


Texas Senator Ted Cruz does not seem to be the only ‘horny’ Republican searching through Twitter on those lonely, late nights. Florida Representative and anti-porn GOP lawmaker Ross Spano “favorited” a pornographic video on Twitter, The Orlando Weekly reported.

After searching through his Twitter feed of Bible verses and Florida State University football clips, The Orlando Weekly found that Spano’s account had “favorited” a tweet back on January 8 from the "Goddess Lesbian" Twitter account, which features a video clip from adult entertainment company Reality Kings.

The 17-second clip shows two women pleasuring one another and having sexual intercourse, among other things.

Spano’s recently filed bill, HR 157, takes a very harsh stance on adult content, despite liking the video nine months ago. In the bill, Spano claims pornography contributes to the hyper-sexualization of children and teens because it “serves as their main source education regarding human sexuality.”

Jimmy Kimmel: "Whenever I see Brian Kilmeade, he kisses my ass like a little boy meeting Batman"

Jimmy Kimmel shreds Fox host Brian Kilmeade as ‘phony little creep’ over health care comments

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host called the bill’s co-sponsor, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), a liar Tuesday night and then ripped Kilmeade for shrugging him off as the Hollywood elite.

“The reason I found this comment to be particularly annoying is because this is a guy, Brian Kilmeade, who whenever I see him kisses my ass like a little boy meeting Batman,” Kimmel said. “Oh, he’s such a fan.”

He said Kilmeade usually seeks his approval, and explained why the Fox News host was a hypocrite.

“He follows me on Twitter, he asks me to write a blurb for his book, which I did,” Kimmel said. “He calls my agent looking for projects. He’s dying to be a member of the Hollywood elite. The only reason he’s not a member of the Hollywood elite is because nobody will hire him to be one, and the reason I’m talking about this is because my son had an open heart surgery, has to have two more, and I learned there are kids with no insurance in the same situation. I don’t get anything out of this, Brian, you phony little creep. Oh, I’ll pound you when I see you.”


"It is unclear if Trump was referring to Namibia or Zambia. There is no country called Nambia."

During a luncheon at the United Nations on Wednesday, President Donald Trump reportedly told African leaders that he has “so many friends going to your countries trying to get rich.”

“Africa has tremendous business potential,” the president said.

He later referred to the non-existent country of “Nambia” when discussing health crises on the continent. It is unclear if Trump was referring to Namibia or Zambia. There is no country called Nambia.


Gee WHILLIKERS, former Sheriff David Clarke! Potty mouth! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

‘F*ck you and the horse you rode in on’: Sheriff Clarke explodes after reporter asks about his security detail


Daniel Bice, a reporter at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, sent Clarke an email asking him whether he thought it was really necessary for taxpayers to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars providing a round-the-clock private security detail at his house.

“F*ck you and the horse you rode in on,” Clarke replied.

Bice asked Clarke to comment on his security detail because the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said that it was ending the private detail for Clarke’s house now that he was no longer the sheriff.

Clarke resigned last month after a highly controversial tenure as Milwaukee County Sheriff. Among other things, Clarke has accused Black Lives Matter of being responsible for the murders of police officers, while also blaming riots in his home city of Milwaukeeon the “questionable lifestyle choices” of black residents there. This past November, a former inmate at the Milwaukee County Jail filed a lawsuit alleging that her baby died after guards there refused to give her help as she went into labor.

Daniel Bice ‏Verified account

Several of you have asked to see a screenshot of the exchange with @SheriffClarke's new official email account. Here you go.


President Obama, today, had some choice words RE: TrumpCare "inflicting real human suffering"

Melania, apparently dressed as a Marshmallow Peep at the UN, calls for leaders with moral conscience


For my 8000th post, I give you...

...Barack Obama's full 2009 Inauguration speech. And will ya look at the SIZE of that CROWD?

This is my 8000th post, but actually my 38,885th post if you include my previous incarnation as Amerigo Vespucci.

The BEST part of this is that when I went to YouTube to grab the clip, the first comment showing is:

Dareion Butler
8 months ago
Who else is here cause Trump won

A very Presidential photo from yesterday's I will completely destroy Rocket Man speech

S.H.S.: Kelly was just tired trying to keep up with this president who is working hard every day

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