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Member since: Tue Oct 15, 2013, 11:28 AM
Number of posts: 309

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PLACE YOUR BETS: What are the odds of Ted Cruz or some other Teabagging Loonie Senator Objecting?

As we all know, the Senate can move damned fast if it uses unanimous consent.

But we also know, it takes a single Senator to jam things up.

I say it's pretty much even money some teabagging loonie Senator will object to unanimous consent to throw us into default.

And if that happens a bill must be put on the floor immediately to remove said Senator from the Senate. Only the Senate has the power to remove a member from that membership and if somebody is so stupid as to throw a tantrum and cause a default, there had damned well better be 67 Senators who are willing to throw that idiot out of the Senate.

Now excuse me while I contact my Senators to urge them to remove any Senator foolish enough to do this from the Senate and to do so immediately.

Making a WWII analogy. Teabaggers are Like Japanese Militarists

The teabaggers are more like the Japanese militarists than the Nazis. The Japanese militarists were convinced they were right and nothing could defeat them even in the face of absolute evidence there is no way they can win.

LIAR ALERT: Many hard line Right Wingnuts Attempting To Appear "Reasonable and Moderate"

In the wake of the Teabagger debacle over the continuing resolution and the debt ceiling, many far right extremist wingnuts are attempting to appear "reasonable and moderate".

Steven King immediately comes to mind. He's a far right wing batshit crazy wingnut, but even he has had enough of the teabaggers.

And Steve LaTourette just appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell attempting to appear "reasonable and moderate" and this idiot was one of the wingnuttiest of wingnuts for YEARS!
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