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Member since: Fri Sep 20, 2013, 05:55 PM
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US: Russia, Syria Should Face War Crimes Probe

In the video recorded on Oct 7, John Kerry is seen talking about a hospital that was hit last night where 20 people were killed and a 100 more were injured. I am one of those people who has followed the war in Syria very closely and I have no idea which hospital or bombing this man is talking about. I did a custom google search from Oct. 5 to Oct 7 and got not hits, I also went on liveleak, Al Jazeera, msf.org etc etc and there have been no news stories that matched the incident he is describing or any hospital bombing for that matter on the 5th or 6th of October.

I don't want to call him a liar or anything but does anyone here know which story this man is talking about?

Please, do not hit the alert button if this post makes you mad or if you do not have an answer to my question. There is no name calling contained in this post, also the video is from an AP coverage of a John Kerry press conference so it cannot be flagged as kooky source. I am being very careful with my posts cos I am afraid that the alerters will come for me again just like they have tried to removed my last 4 posts on this site.

Thanks in advance.
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