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Member since: Fri Sep 20, 2013, 05:55 PM
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Madaya: What The Media isn't telling you

How To Argue For Gun Control

Gun control is a perpetual issue that comes up whenever there's a tragic shooting. But the arguments gun control advocates have used just don't conform to the methods of rationality. If you're a gun control advocate and want to convince a proper skeptic, here's what you need to do--and what you need to avoid doing.

My comment
I agree for the most part what he is saying especially the part about how the current gun control measures being promoted now will not prevent any mass shooting and then when more shooting occur in the future, more and more control measures will be enacted until access to gun by law abiding civilians is highly restricted. The gun control advocates will use one common sense control measure after another to inflict death by a thousand cuts to gun ownership in this country.

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