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Member since: Fri Sep 13, 2013, 06:18 PM
Number of posts: 448

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Gorsuch "avoided questions like the plague."

Does that metaphor make sense?

Was this the worst first day of any admin in US history?

It's got to be.

Why pink hats at the womens' march?

Seriously, I don't get. Why Code "Pink"? Seems like bad optics, reinforcing certain stereotypes.

Why not just call it A March for our Future..

Will Trump appoint El Chapo to head the DEA?

Chapo's spent his life fighting the DEA.


What's up with Mnuchin's twitching?

Does he have a condition?

How to argue Obama didn't repeal

Habeas Corpus in the 2014 NDAA? I'm in an online argument with a Stein fan.

Defamation suits against fake news

Creators/spreaders? I'm talking those who spread specific allegations that would be easy to prove as untrue. Why not just sue the F out of pizza gate f-ckers? That pizza shop owner would probably not be classified as a public figure under defamation law. I guess they were public interest stories - but they are so blatantly false. Even those who repeat defamatory statements can be sued - ala Mike Flynn.

Why we keep losing the white vote...

Sure, some white voters are gutter racists and we will never get their votes, nor should we try. But most white voters are not racists. By what margin I don't know, but I know it's true.

Yet, how many times have I heard liberal commentators, comics, etc., say something like - "Hey, soon white people will be a minority in this country, and how great will that be!" I've heard reiterations of that line said over and over again. You couldn't say that about any other group and get away with it. It started to get kind of annoying about six years ago.

And it brought us the shit-Gibbon.

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