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Profile Information

Name: Yoshida Yui
Gender: Female
Hometown: San Francisco
Home country: USA
Current location: Northern California
Member since: Mon Sep 9, 2013, 04:28 AM
Number of posts: 38,765

About Me

Japanese/Hawaiian native- born in San Francisco. Dean Democrat. Previous student in Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. Yoshida family originally from Miyazaki Japan. Liliko'i family from the big Island of Hawaii, Buddhist: Jodo Shu ("The Pure Land School"). Cannabis User (Medical).Asian music lover! On twitter: @yuiyoshida1987. Favorite movie of all time:Shin Godzilla. Favorite Game: Monster Hunter Word: Iceborne. PLAYING now: Ghost of Tsushima -- by birthright I am an Onna Bugeshia! Faito!! Ganbarimasu.

Journal Archives

OH,..THAT WAS SMART... what morons run this country


Can you believe it?? 160 thousand people dead and they don't want to hurt his weak fucking Ego.

OMG..COME ON San Francisco... this IS SO FUCKING stupid ...




Omg, Bruce Lee was a STONER!

History Channel: What Life Was Like as a Samurai In Feudal Japan

The Best Homemade CREAMY RANCH Recipe from Scratch (No Ranch Pack needed.)

Do's and Don'ts of using Chopsticks (Japanese Manners)

Chopsticks or O-hashi in Japanese are used to eat most kinds of food or cuisine. Have you ever tried or enjoyed eating japanese dishes using chopsticks? Do you know that there are rules in using this utensil? Okay, so if you arent well-versed in using this, we will give you some of the most important rules to remember when dining using chopsticks.


* Hold your chopsticks towards their end, not in the middle nor the front third.
* When you are done eating, or not using your chopsticks, lay them down in front of you with the tips to left.
* If you have already eaten with your chopsticks, use the opposite end to take food from a shared plate.
* You can share your chopsticks with someone you know (not with strangers) just as long as you ask for their permission before taking them.


* Saguri-bashi Sorting or choosing the content of a dish should not be done using your chopstick
* Mayoi-bashi Wandering your chopsticks to choose which food you will eat is a No-no to japanese. Im sure you dont want to be tagged as a greedy person, so avoid doing this.
* Sashi-bashi Regardless of how tricky or hard it is to get the food using chopsticks, do not use it as a fork to stick or so to speak stab your food in.
* Neburi-bashi Placing inside the mouth or licking your chopsticks is an impolite gesture by the Japanese. Avoid doing this too.
* Yose-bashi Remember that chopsticks are made to pick-up food. Do not use it to pull plates or bowls.
* Tate-bashi or Hotoke-bashi Do not place your chopsticks vertically on the rice if you want to stop for a while from eating. Doing so reminds them of of a beloved one that passed away and could really offend them.


i really cherish Fifi Rong...



Happily wearing her mask...

I have to tell you I can not sleep, and I am really scared tonight.

After listening to Rachel Maddow's show tonight...We are in it very deep. We have a Covid 19 raging out of control with so many ignorant people getting and spreading the virus. Another four years of Trump...if he does nothing, could end up killing Millions and Millions of people in this country.

Trump's mind is going..as we know from several major examples... and how will he be in another FOUR YEARS? He and the Republican party will strip the government and bail... more than likely. I ready today that the Head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has become even more rich. The Republicans would KILL THIS NATION to be richer... and that's exactly what is happening... maybe Putin has a hand in it, because the Republicans will take help where ever they can get it to stay in power.

Imagine it, having a mad man, out of his freaking mind, with possession of the Nuclear Launch Codes... (or did i read that the Military may have taken control of those?)

I wonder about this... but in our history, there have been traitors. Benedict Arnold is a great example. (He will only be second to Trump , I am betting by the time this is long over and History is written.) Will the Republicans in with Trump be treated as Traitors to the US Constitution and to our country? I am sure their will be trials... as there were after Nuremberg. I don't expect firing squads but long Prison terms would be nice.

Still.. I am scared they will find a way to cheat.. they are already starting their propaganda in the various Social Media corners. The Post office has now slowed down because of the people Trump has put in place in the upper echelons of the Postal Service affecting millions of Mail In ballots.

He wants people to stand in long, long lines to vote or get discouraged and to not vote. Limiting Postal Drop boxes... They have the power and will use it to disrupt and corrupt this next election. Trump is encouraging them to do so... he doesn't want to go to prison, he wants to be MOB BOSS of this Country... he wants to be the big strong leader, except his mind is going...

Waiting for November will be hell... but if the results fall in the wrong way, we will BE LIVING IN A TRUE HELL.

I am not sure I will be able to sleep tonight and its a long fucking way to November.


I Had such a crush on her when I was younger... sigh.. Otsuka, Ai.

Now she is married with a lovely child...so happy for her.

Somehow your things
なんだか あなたのコト

It's a waste to remember

I want to keep it for me

Somehow your things
なんだか あなたのコト

I remember you
思い出すのヤだよ だって

It's ridiculous to be alone
1人でにやけて はずかしいよ
I'm tired after coming home all night

I understood you even in my dreams
だっこしてくれて 夢の中にいてもわかったよ
I miss you I miss you
あなたが 恋しくて 恋しくて

I can't help it anymore
これ以上 どうしようもなくて

I miss you I miss you
あなたが 恋しくて 恋しくて

I love you forever
ずっと ずっと 大好きだよ
Did you know that night?
知ってた? あの夜にね

When two people go for a drive

Things I hoped for in the back seat of the motorcycle
バイクの後ろ座席で 願ったコト

Did you know that night?
知ってた? あの夜にね

In the starry sky looked up by two people

I saw you and my happiness
Only one rolling me

Clean and always support me
綺麗にしてくれて いつだって 支えてくれた
I miss you I miss you
あなたが 恋しくて 恋しくて

I don't want to leave anymore
これ以上 離れたくないよ

I miss you I miss you
あなたが 恋しくて 恋しくて

I love you forever
ずっと ずっと 大好きだよ
I miss you I miss you
あなたが 恋しくて 恋しくて

I can't help it anymore
これ以上 どうしようもなくて

I miss you I miss you
あなたが 恋しくて 恋しくて

Forever forever forever
ずっと ずっと ずっと ずっと

I love you forever
ずっと ずっと 大好きだよ

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