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YoshidaYui's Journal
YoshidaYui's Journal
January 26, 2024

Trump's Win-Win Strategy to Take Back Power--Even if He Loses in November Opinion

With powerful communication tools like hyperbole and misinformation, former President Donald Trump and his team have managed to create a compelling narrative about clear and present danger facing not just his supporters, but America as a whole. Trump, his lawyers, and conservative media opinion leaders have whittled down American's faith in democracy and its institutions to the stump. If Trump doesn't win the November election, they stand ready to burn its remaining roots to ashes. Not winning will be used as unassailable proof that the electoral system, indeed the entire government, needs not an overhaul, but an overthrow.

Why? Because forward thinking conservatives have analyzed the data. The demographics of America have shifted away from those that typically have supported them, and it's only going to get worse. To legitimately win the presidency, the GOP must ensure every possible conservative voter casts a ballot (as well as limiting the opportunities for those who'd vote Democrat). And the GOP is throwing bucketsful of tactics in hopes of achieving this—leaning hard on issues such as immigration, transgender rights, teaching critical race theory in schools, and freedom of speech at universities. Cultural issues that play to emotions over reason and ignore more traditional ballot box questions.

But the key here—these issues don't have to work at the ballot box. The issues only need to prove to Americans that if they want a conservative America, it can't be done within the status quo. Under the theme of common-good-constitutionalism (and its congenital twin, national conservatism), a moral rather than electoral foundation for governance is raising its long-hidden head.

In his book on the subject, Harvard's Adrian Vermeule writes "If [government] structures produce outcomes contrary to the common good, they will have to be dismantled," and this will be "difficult for the liberal mind to process." Notre Dame's Patrick Dineen, author of Regime Change, provides the strategy to achieve it: "Machiavellian means to achieve Aristotelian ends" (meaning, whatever it takes, including lies, misinformation, and using Trump's legal battles not as a stage for his dysfunction, but the dysfunction of the entire system).

The media is covering two long-term news stories as they normally would without considering that Trump has changed the rules. They are covering the machinations of his serial court cases as if they were judicial processes. They are covering the primary season as if this election year was any other. Like musicians on the Titanic, the media plays on as if nothing was out of the ordinary.


January 24, 2024

Porno Graffitti- Link

January 24, 2024

Godzilla 1985

January 21, 2024

Light Up Or Leave Me Alone

Today IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! その私の誕生日
January 20, 2024

Raiders' Antonio Pierce Retained as Permanent Head Coach

The Las Vegas Raiders will keep Antonio Pierce on staff as their full-time head coach.

Pierce took over the role of Interim Head Coach just hours after the Raiders lost to the Detroit Lions on Oct. 30.

In his nine games at the helm, Pierce led Las Vegas to a 5-4 record, which included three divisional wins -- a record-setting 63-21 blowout over the Los Angeles Chargers, a Christmas Day victory over the defending Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, at Arrowhead Stadium, and a season finale win against the Denver Broncos. All three games were won without the Raiders' 2022 rushing champion, running back Josh Jacobs.

Pierce, who had previously served as the team's linebackers coach, won over the support of his players, who seemed to only get better under his reign. He also earned much of Raider Nation's praise to the point where, at the end of the season's final game, the home crowd was chanting "AP," despite missing out on the postseason with a losing record.


January 19, 2024

Cannabis Edibles For Anxiety - Things You Should Know

Cannabis’ ability to help with anxiety and stress is something that we all know by now. The success of cannabis products in alleviating symptoms of these debilitating disorders is something that just cannot be overlooked.

Anxiety disorders affect millions of people worldwide, and for some, cannabis has emerged as a potential ally in managing and easing their symptoms.

But, the path to using cannabis effectively for anxiety is filled with nuances, considerations, and potential side effects.

Our guide is going to help you with all the information you need to start using cannabis edibles for anxiety. Stay tuned to find out all the juicy and not-so-juicy things you should know!

The Science Behind Cannabis and Anxiety

MORE ...

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