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Shemp Howard

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Member since: Mon Sep 9, 2013, 01:10 AM
Number of posts: 889

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I'm sticking to the union. That about sums it up.

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Haiku for this last day of DU's primary debate

Soon debate will end
Hillary is the winner
Some cheer, others sad

It's pretty bad, I know. Feel free to contribute your own. But nothing mean-spirited or preachy, please!

I want an anti-war person as Hillary's VP (no, not Bernie).

Hillary is not shy about using force. So for her VP pick, I'd like to see someone with strong anti-war credentials, someone who will push back against all the constant one-more-war advice Hillary is sure to get.

And make no mistake about it. She will get that more-war advice. Consider that memo that came out of State recently. Let's bomb Assad. And if that means tangling with Russian fighters, so what?

Two final points. One, I'm not advocating for Bernie here. I voted for him in the primaries, but for many reasons he'd be a poor fit for Hillary's VP. I'll leave it up to this forum to suggest suitable VP candidates.

And two, an anti-war VP is actually a must for Hillary to get my vote. Her past regarding the use of force scares me. No more wars, please.

How I will prepare for June 16th.

I will prepare for June 16th by removing the B, S, H and C keys from my keyboard. That way I will not be able to praise Bernie Sanders or criticize Hillary Clinton.

Cheers! (eer! after June 16th)

Guns? Bombs?

The Orlando massacre generated many gun-related comments here at DU. No surprise there, of course.

And it got me thinking. I personally would favor a ban of all semi-automatic weapons, period. I would keep revolvers, breech-loading long guns, and bolt-action rifles legal. I think a semi-auto ban would pass judicial muster, as the Second Amendment does contain the phrase "well-regulated".

Getting such a ban passed would be very difficult, I know.

But that's not the main topic of my post. Let's suppose for a moment that my proposal became law, and semi-autos became very difficult to obtain. What then would prevent a terrorist from just switching over to homemade bombs? As we saw from the Boston Marathon bombing, such devices can be quite lethal.

Maybe this post is just rambling, as I don't have a solution to the bomb problem.

Gays Must Die Says Speaker At Orlando Mosque - WFTV 9 Orlando Report .

This WFTV report is recent, from April 6, 2016. The YouTube link is making the rounds on social media now. How do we combat this kind of thinking? And how do we do it without turning citizen against citizen?

I have no solutions.


Bernie should drop out RIGHT NOW!

My three-point advice to Bernie:

1. Drop out now. But first make a quick deal with the presumed nominee. Drop out in return for a cabinet post. That's technically illegal, but laws don't really matter anymore. Pick a prominent cabinet post, one where you can jet around the world interfering in everybody's business.

2. Start a Foundation. Collect money, lots of money, from the nations you are visiting on your trips. Then grant them favors, like arms deals and such. That's also technically illegal, but again, laws don't really matter anymore.

3. Start writing boiler-plate speeches to give to big corporations once you leave office. Those companies will pay you $250,000 a pop for vague generalities, just because they love you. That's morally suspect, but it's perfectly legal.

Oh, wait a minute. My advice requires moral compromises. Bernie doesn't roll that way. Never mind, Senator Sanders. Fight on until the convention!

A hand grenade or a time bomb?

Which would you rather pass on to your family, a hand grenade or a time bomb?

Hillary is the hand grenade. She's very reliable. Just pull the pin when needed. Wars are just fine with Hillary, as long as the wars are "necessary". And Hillary has not yet seen an unnecessary war.

Trump is the time bomb. Unpredictable, and liable to go off at any time, with devastating results. Many wars, no wars. Who can say? Who can predict?

So which do you prefer, the hand grenade or the time bomb?

I choose neither! I choose peace. That's why I will support Bernie until the convention, and beyond.

No more wars, please.

The presumptive, or the actual, nominee?

Being a "presumptive" nominee really does mean something. But it does not mean as much as some people want it to mean. Consider a horse race, a race where one horse is ahead by a good margin at the 3/4 point. Should that horse therefore be the race's winner? Should the race then be stopped, and a winner be declared?

No, of course not. The race should continue until all horses have crossed the finish line. Yet many people want the Democrat nominating process to be over before the finish line...before the convention, before any delegate has cast a single vote.

And yes, I must include the DU administration in this criticism. They have the right to set whatever rules they want. It is their site. But to shut down debate before the actual convention is, IMHO, wrong.

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