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Member since: Sat Aug 31, 2013, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 79

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Winners & Losers in the this whole Syria debacle, and why:

Putin- Looks like a statesman, who helped divert a war
Assad- loses chemical weapons, but ends any chance of intervention, probably holds onto power
House of Reps- was able to take high ground without having to vote, my guess is that there is very little turnover.

Kerry- I have never seen someone look so much like a buffoon.
Obama- looks like he has no control of the situation, cant control his advisors.
McCain and Graham- Stood by the and up for the Presidents position, takes massive hits on their credibility.
The Syrian people- gonna keep getting killed, with no end in sight to their civil war.
The Senate- took a stand, those who are for election, who stood with the President .are going to face an up-hill battle come re-election
Hillary Clinton- same as Senate.

Need some help.

I am out of shape by about 80 pounds, doctor said I should get my calories down to around 1800. I am eating very healthy and have cut out soda completely. The problem is that I cant get up to 1800. For instance take today

Turkey Burger-150
Whole Wheat Bread-180
Salad- 75
Baked Chicken-110
Brown Rice-150

I also drink 2 pure cranberry with seltzer a day, in addition to 8 glasses of water.

I can barely make 1200, much less 1800, and those are three very satisfying meals.

If the House votes No on the Syria strike and the President gives the order anyway....

Should he be impeached?

P.S I am obsessed with this I know, I feel this has the chance of being catastrophic for the world.

Any talk of Boston area protests?

I just want honest opinions about what happens after the first missles are lobbed, What do you think

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on Piers Morgan

Am I in 2003?
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