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De Leonist

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Member since: Sat Aug 17, 2013, 05:58 PM
Number of posts: 225

About Me

I am Marxist-Syndicalist who is heavily influence by the American Syndicalist Daniel De Leon. Though I am not a Democrat or a Liberal. I have no problem working with either to achieve many of the goals that they and I have in common. I am here to connect with Like minded people.

Journal Archives

Can the Clintonians and Bernites please just stop bickering.

We get it, Clinton is a shill for the PTB and Bernie isn't a realistic candidate or even really a Democrat.

Is it possible for supporters of both candidates to just dislodge the collective cactuses that seem to be stuck up your asses.

Look for the Record I'm a Bernie supporter. But I am not here to comment on the candidates I am here to comment on their respective supporters and how absolutely toxic it is starting to make this message board. I used to like coming here but the level of animosity is just getting fucking ridiculous. Please can you stop verbally shanking each at every available opportunity. I'm not saying don't criticize the candidate you disagree with just quit the childish bickering.

Posing as a Prostitute in a Turkish Brothel

Journalists go deep. Sometimes they go so deep into a story they lose track of where the story ends and their private life begins. Correspondent Confidential is a series of illustrated documentary shorts narrated by award-winning journalists. Newspaper reporters, documentary filmmakers, radio producers, and journalists tell personal stories about the harrowing—and hilarious—experiences they've had on the job while reporting on some of the world's most high-profile issues and events.

In the first episode, photojournalist Mimi Chakarova talks about her journey deep into the underworld of international sex trafficking. For her film, The Price of Sex, Chakarova posed as a prostitute while working undercover in brothels in Turkey and Dubai.

Learn more about Mimi's film "The Price of Sex" here: http://priceofsex.org/

I've only just scratched the surface...but damn talk about powerful.

I've never really seen a film about prostitution talk about the human cost like this.

I plan on checking out the film when I have the time.

maybe ya'll should too.

I Want to Start Camping but I hate tents.

I really want to start camping but I hate tents. I hate how stuffy they are. Every time I've ever slept in a tent I feel I can barely breath, especially on warm nights. I would rather spend the night getting bit up by Mosquitoes sleeping outside rather than sleep in a damn tent.

Does anyone else have this problem ?

If so what alternatives do you use if any ?

Thanks in advance

I was just watching Farscape and....

I want to meet an alien damnit all!

Seriously though what is more awe inspiring than the idea of meeting a life form from another planet. Could you imagine what they would look like ?

It would be so frikkin awesome. Yeah I know some are all like "Aliens=Conquistadors and Humans=Aztecs" maybe but I think there is some possibility of us meeting a Species that wouldn't want kill us and take our planet's resources. I mean gee maybe they want to know as much as we do that their not alone in the universe.

God I so want to meet an Alien so bad before I die. I wonder if there's an alien out there that wants to me as much as I want to meet it/he/she/?.

The universe is so massive, there has got to be at least one out there. This is why science is so awesome. If Astrophysicists and Astronomers didn't exist I wouldn't know enough to think this way.


Wild Mouse caught in glue trap ?

Use baby oil to dissolve the glue. It seems to work pretty well. I just tried tonight for the first time. I currently have him in an old cage I used for pet rats. Will be relocating him/her some time soon when the weather here is not so bad.

I am not planning nor will I ever plan to keep a wild animal as a pet.

But I felt like taking about what for me is a rather unique occasion. While I am not afraid of wild rodents nor do I hate them usually I don't go out of my way like this either. Most of the time I am perfectly fine with killing it or just letting it die. But tonight the little guy just got me with those big eyes of his and I decided to try rescue him from a trap I had set out to catch him.

I wish I had something to take pictures of him with. Sadly though even basic photography seems to be something I just suck at so it's probably just as well that I don't.

Paul Ehrlich The Culture Gap


Listen and Learn as to why Capitalism is not Sustainable.

How your boss will run your life in a few years

You might think the typical workplace is pretty Orwellian these days. You ain’t seen nuthin’, Winston.


Consulting firm PwC recently published its outlook for work in 2022, based on interviews with 500 human resources experts and 10,000 others in the United States and several other countries. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that big companies could end up so powerful and influential they morph into “ministates” that fill the void when government is unable to provide essential services. Companies will also use sensors and other gizmos to monitor employees around the clock. And workers will mostly acquiesce to this digital leash, in exchange for job security, decent pay and important benefits.

That’s the most dystopian of scenarios PwC outlines in its report, yet it’s not so far-fetched, given the dramatic ways globalization and digital technology are changing the way people work and live. An increasing share of income is flowing to tech barons, data wizards and the privileged holders of capital, while ordinary workers find it harder to earn a living. There are more minimum-wage jobs today but fewer good-paying ones than there were just a few years ago, a trend many forecasters only expect to intensify.

Rest of the article here http://finance.yahoo.com/news/how-your-boss-will-run-your-life-in-a-few-years-165905475.html

The perspective that 12 yrs brings.

When I first heard this song. I was in my early twenties I had been off any kind of medication or treatment for about 5 years. Things were going well, comparatively speaking. From ages 10 to 17 I had been struggling with my diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. The meds they put me on at the time were fairly new and affected me in fairly significant ways. Some of them positive, to me though it was mostly negative. The side-effects were intense and the docs failed to tell me that these drugs were more or less designed around using Neurologically Typical, Neurologically Mature, adults as the basis. Don't know if they ever told my father this. My father was the one who sought the answers early on as to why I was so different. He was eventually given some when I had been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. When I consider how quickly I was diagnosed I become fairly confident in the idea that I was probably amongst the first of my generation to be diagnosed with it. The doctors gave a pretty grim outlook on my future. But than, they always tended to do that back when it came to a diagnosis of Autism. Sometimes they were right, many times they were wrong. I've met my fair share of people on the Spectrum who are independent and working jobs they like. Most of these people aren't anywhere near rich but they have found fulfillment in what they do. Accord to the doctors many of their parents consulted these same people were supposed to end up institutionalized or maybe flipping burgers if they were lucky.

I tell ya the older I get the more convinced I become of the fact that Autism isn't just a deficiency in social skills or a disposition towards geekiness but quite literally a different way of viewing the world. From how our minds process the sensory information around us to how we prioritize things and the values that become important to us. Don't get me wrong though I'm not saying we're some sort of different species here. But rather that the degree of difference between and an Autie and a Neurotypical is considerable enough that I think many who attempt to spread awareness of it amongst the general population perhaps downplay that difference more than they should.

Anyway, I'm done behaving and I'm done faking. I'm also done with doing nothing while in my very own country people like me are being abused, neglected, exploited, and out right murdered every day. Because lets be honest here. While we may not have the history of discrimination and deliberate oppression that many other marginalized groups have the fact is that it's considered "tolerable" for that shit to happen to us. It's "okay" if we're treated like shit because we are THE QUINTESSENTIAL OTHER. We are different where it really has an affect, the mind. So yea we're people, but not really. So it's okay that politicians throw us under the bus for political convenience. It's okay that employers hire us and than pay us less. It's okay that so many of us suffer needlessly. Because while we're people we're not people like them. An even sadder fact though is this. Most of them aren't even aware that they have this bias.

I've decided to become a Therapist.

Hey all, been a while.

I've been seriously considering what to do for a career this pasts six months or so. I've decided that I'm going to back to school and get a masters in psychology so I can become a Therapist. I'm thinking about specializing in treating Autistic children.

Some of you might ask why would I become a Therapist ? Because I spent most of my younger years hanging out with some pretty dysfunctional and maladjusted people. Many of whom like many of us here lived with various Neurological and Neurodevelopmental disorders. I don't know how exactly but I ended up becoming the group confidant. I found that despite my ADHD and Autism I was very good at listening when people needed someone they can talk too that wouldn't judge them.

Dealing with people who have a range of mental health without getting easily frustrated is something I can do. Don't know if that's a good thing. But I know it's something I can do. Also I can probably relate a lot better than your average NT Therapist.

I'm sorry but...

I've got to get this off my chest. I've been doing traditional crafts as a hobby off and on for about 14 years now. My personal focus is on Pre-Christian Northern European Themes and symbols. Usually Scandanavian and Germanic along with some Celtic. However in my time more than once I've been accused of misappropriating what can be sacred Native American symbols or garments. Sometimes by other white folks who are well-meaning. Others time by Native American Artisans. Both of whom seemed to not realize that White People have an ancestral heritage that consists of more than just Genocide, Colonialism, and Racism. Please excuse me if this seems reactionary on my part. As someone absolutely in love with my own Cultural, Familial, and Ancestral Legacies I do understand that Native Americans have seen a great deal of exploitation and misuse of their own traditions and cultures. So as a general rule I try not to get upset when people misinterpret my reasons for doing this sort of hobby.

However I've gotten this more times than I wish think about. In fact this happened to me recently. I was looking for some elk or whitetail antlers that I could use on a project that was inspired by the Depictions of the man on the Gundestrup Cauldron who has Antlers on his head. Probably some form of headdress. Here's a link to the wiki article on it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gundestrup_Cauldron.

Now it is of Gaulish and Thracian origin. But depictions of male figures with Antlers are not unknown in Northern and Western Europe. Now some of you make ask why I was looking for Elk or Whitetail Antlers. Because they are far easier to get hold of than the various types of antlers on from their European Cousins for me. Anyway long story short one of the Hunters I occasionally get my animal parts from gave me the number of a local Native Gentlemen who apparently has the same hobby. I called him and after a few minutes of introductions and other niceties when I asked if he had any spare antlers he was willing to part with and if he did how much he might ask for them. He than asked what was my intent with them. I told him about my intentions to make an antler headdress.

I than received a lecture on how I need to stop misappropriating Native Culture and get a life. Than before I could explain the origin of my idea he hung up on me. I'm tired of this happening and I'm tired of what in my experience is a often kneejerk assumption. I am not some Kevin Costner Dances with Wolves wannabe. But I am an American of Northern and Western European Descent who has a strong passion for the more hands on side of history of his own ancestral origins. Nor am I only White person in this hobby who has this problem. We are not trying to misappropriate anyone's culture or traditions but rather learn about our own with what resources we have available to us.

Please understand I am not here to troll or start a fight. Nor to deny that Native Americans have every right and need to protect and preserve their heritage. But to say to the Native Artisans on here that though I and others like me might use similar materials in the things we make we are not trying to misappropriate anything. It's just that getting the animal bits we need to be completely Authentic is not always possible for us. Either because of geographical Location or because of money. Don't get me wrong if I can I will but it's just not always possible.

Again my apologies, it's just that I'm tired of having and seeing an accusation like this thrown at me and other white people who share this hobby when quite frankly it's not true and seems to come out of a kneejerk assumption. Again however I don't deny that it does originate out of legitimate need to protect and preserve what has survived the centuries of constant physical, cultural, and economic assault that Native Americans have had to endure. But I love what I do and just wish some Native Artisans did not jump to conclusions like this.
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