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Suburban Warrior

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Gender: Male
Member since: Mon Aug 12, 2013, 01:35 AM
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Group Apologizes for Giuliani’s ‘Unscripted’ Remarks at Awards Dinner

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was invited to a financial services trade group’s award dinner last week to speak about leadership—but instead delivered a political speech that strayed so far from that topic the group felt it necessary to apologize to its guests.

On Monday, the Commercial Finance Association sent out an email apologizing for the “unscripted personal opinions” that Giuliani, a prominent supporter and close adviser to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, shared with the crowd at their 40 Under 40 dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

“At CFA’s 40 Under 40 Awards last Thursday night, keynote speaker Rudolph Giuliani veered sharply off course from the leadership message he agreed to deliver and presented unscripted personal opinions which were independent of CFA’s political position or core values,” Bob Trojan, the group’s CEO, wrote in an email sent to attendees and forwarded to the Observer. “While we, the event organizers, made every attempt to direct Mr. Giuliani’s remarks ahead of time to focus on leadership, for which he is renowned and has authored a book, there is always the possibility of such a surprise at a live event.”

The note continued: “For those of you who were offended by Mr. Giuliani’s remarks, please accept my sincere apology.”

Posted by Suburban Warrior | Fri Sep 30, 2016, 11:51 PM (12 replies)

KING: Can African-Americans get a little of that Ahmad Khan Rahami treatment?

Police in Linden, New Jersey did something truly amazing today.

I'm not being sarcastic. After Ahmad Khan Rahami was suspected of planting bombs in Manhattan and New Jersey on Saturday, the FBI put out an APB on the 28-year-old Rahami and warned that he could be armed and dangerous. It turns out that was true.

Police located Rahami in Linden, N.J. Two officers were shot during the confrontation. One was saved because of their vest and another got grazed in the face by a bullet. In spite of all of this, those officers and others found a way to arrest Rahami without blowing his head off. It's amazing, but surely that was not an accident. Somebody somewhere wanted Rahami to be brought alive for questioning.

The last we saw him, Rahami was strapped to a stretcher — on his way to a local hospital. I'm glad they didn't kill him. Maybe they'll be able to question him and learn his motives or see if he was a part of a network of some kind. As a man with a huge family who roams this city, I'm glad Rahami is off the streets, but I just can't get one observation out of my mind.

Posted by Suburban Warrior | Mon Sep 19, 2016, 07:27 PM (3 replies)

Tommorow's NY Daily News Cover...

Posted by Suburban Warrior | Mon Aug 15, 2016, 11:21 PM (33 replies)

Good news from Nate Silver

10 point bounce for HRC after DNC

Posted by Suburban Warrior | Sat Jul 30, 2016, 12:59 PM (8 replies)

Let the Fact Checking Begin...

Posted by Suburban Warrior | Wed Nov 11, 2015, 12:31 AM (1 replies)

Sources to FOX 32: Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz committed suicide

Source: FOX32 News

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Sources have told FOX 32 News that the task force investigating the shooting death of Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz has concluded it was a suicide.

After examining all the evidence, the task force has determined that Lt. Gliniewicz took his own life, due to personal and professional pressures.

On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m., the task force plans to provide the details of their investigation and what led to their conclusion.

Lieutenant Joseph Gliniewicz was found shot to death more than two months ago. He radioed in to say he was pursuing three men in a remote area of Fox Lake, not far from the Wisconsin state line. But when backup arrived, he was found dead.

FOX 32 will have more information for you tonight on the news at 9.

Read more: http://www.fox32chicago.com/news/local/44073053-story
Posted by Suburban Warrior | Tue Nov 3, 2015, 10:19 PM (15 replies)

Trump vs. Hillary

Trump complains about a 3 hour debate. Hillary sits for over 10 hours of badgering with poise and confidence. She will destroy him in a debate if he is their candidate. I want Hillary to be my next president. That is all.
Posted by Suburban Warrior | Thu Oct 22, 2015, 08:41 PM (0 replies)

Benghazi Biopsy: A Thorough Guide To A Fake Scandal

Moussa Koussa.

That is the name of the “classified source” in an old email from Hillary Clinton released last week by Republicans purportedly investigating the 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Under the instructions of the Benghazi committee’s chairman, Republican Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, Koussa’s name was blacked-out on the publicly issued email, as Republicans proclaimed revealing his identity would compromise national security. The media ran with it, saying Clinton had sent classified information through her personal email account.

But the CIA never said the name was secret. Nor did the Defense Intelligence Agency or the FBI. No, Koussa’s role as an intelligence source is about as classified as this column. He is the former intelligence chief and foreign minister of Libya. In 2011, he fled that country for Great Britain, where he provided boodles of information to MI6 and the CIA. Documents released long ago show Koussa’s cooperation. Government officials have openly discussed it. His name appears in newspapers with casual discussions about his assistance. Sanctions by the British and the Americans against Koussa were lifted because of his help, and he moved to Qatar. All of that is publicly known.

But, as they have time and again, the Republicans on the Benghazi committee released deceitful information for what was undoubtedly part of a campaign—as Kevin McCarthy of the House Republican leadership has admitted—to drive down Clinton’s poll numbers. Republicans have implied—and some journalists have flatly stated—that Clinton was reckless and may have broken the law by sending an email that included thirdhand hearsay mentioning Koussa’s name. The reality is that the Republicans continue to be reckless with the truth.

Posted by Suburban Warrior | Thu Oct 22, 2015, 10:32 AM (1 replies)

Trump Swag Made In Africa

Hey, Trump, Your Swag Is Made in Africa. Here’s an Ohio Company That Can Make It for Less
It wouldn’t even cost The Donald more money to give Americans jobs and make his Trump golf shirts in the USA instead of Lesotho. Just ask the All American Clothing Company.

Hey, Donald, want to give some Americans jobs?

Want to make America just a little bit greater right now?

Posted by Suburban Warrior | Thu Sep 10, 2015, 09:11 PM (1 replies)

Manhunt for active shooter near Sacramento City College

Source: The Sacramento Bee

A door-to-door manhunt for an armed suspect who killed one man and severely wounded another at Sacramento City College is underway in the area of Sutterville Road and Freeport Boulevard in Sacramento.

Officials are warning residents to avoid the area as police search nearby neighborhoods and students are evacuated building by building from the college campus. The college has been on lockdown this afternoon with students and staff “sheltering in place.”

Police described the suspect as as a Pacific Islander, wearing cargo shorts and no shirt.

The shooting occurred in a staff parking lot near the softball field on the college campus. In total three people were shot, including a person who sustained a minor wound, officials said.

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article33840291.html
Posted by Suburban Warrior | Thu Sep 3, 2015, 09:09 PM (1 replies)
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