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Member since: Sun Oct 27, 2013, 04:35 PM
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Proud philogynist and 5th wave feminist. Vote dem and encourage others to vote dem!

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It's like for-profit health care is a religion to them!

I was talking with coworkers today and the subject of the ACA came up due to the enrollment period opening up at my workplace.

Immediately all the RW talking points started coming out about how its going to totally destroy health care, and how every other country hates their universal care, etc.

And during this discussion it occurred to me was how personal for-profit care is to these people.

The bubble is so strong that they fail to realize how nonsensical it would be for the rest of the world to adopt (and love) a system of health care that they allege doesn't work.

Add on top of that that these RWs are rallying against ACA which is a RWer plan that was implemented by a Republican presidential candidate in MA and it's enough to cause one's head to explode!

I mean who wouldn't want the freedom and security of knowing that the health care of you and your loved ones is guaranteed regardless of one's economic situation?!

I feel better now!
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