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No we're not FKY.

Let's see, that's over $1,500 per American per year for the last decade. Over fifteen thousand dollars just gone and "nobody knows where."

Per tax payer over that period, it's considerably higher. I'm too depressed to do the math, however.

Putting just that into perspective, the American government could have sent every single American a friggin' check for $1,500 to spend as we saw fit, providing a gigantic boost to the economy every single year for the last decade.

And that's just what was "lost." Scare quotes because I'm sure there are plenty of people who know exactly where it went and made a great living either on it or getting it there.

Wow, that's bad

It reads like it was written by a second grader (not that I'm any great shakes, but I could probably do better than that given a bit of time).

And he's all unique and stuff like that for being...a Tenther? Please.

Trivialization was the point

He's reduced these powerful, dynamic, intelligent, and very outspoken women into these flat, wasp-waisted, busty, oversimplified figures.

The point he's trying to make is that there's so much more to women (and men) than being a Disney Prince(ss).
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