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30 Billion is correct

The galaxy in question would have been much closer when that light was emitted, closer even than 13.1 billion light years. However, the space between us has been expanding while the light traveled.

It's a difficult integral, but all things considered light requires 13.1 billion years to cover far less than 13.1 billion light years--while always moving at exactly the speed of light.

At the present date, said galaxy is now estimated at 30 billion light years away, outside of our current visible universe. But when that light was emitted, it was inside our visible universe.

In retrospect,

You'd think he'd just head for the Large Print section. Or Books on Tape since there have to be plenty of batteries lying around to run a player...

It's a good thing you done there,

PinBoy. A good thing.

But wish it into the cornfield now, son. Please.

That's you?

Our names aren't Tom or Greg, but the yard does look like the 18th green. Half our neighbors don't talk to us due to the lawn and gardens. I was unaware it's a contest.

I have to admit, the evil side of me wants to put up a sign that says, "You're welcome for the property value increase."

Given that it's Fox

You can actually assume that the questions were skewed to begin with and the reality is far worse for the Republicans.
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