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Hometown: Lehigh Valley, PA
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Jun 17, 2013, 12:16 PM
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Journal Archives

Oh, Look, A Hit Piece


I won't quote, of course. But please note that the e-mails were NOT classified top secret when on the server, they have been classified as top secret NOW.

On a Friday. Before the first Primary.

I smell a rat, but that's fairly typical. I did note that Mrs. Clinton has stated that one e-mail classified Top Secret was taken from a public news piece released at the time.

I'm firmly convinced that she can weather this--the public is used to ridiculous accusations that turn out to be nothing. And this one will turn out to be nothing.

Dancing in the Ashes

I was just told by a Bernie supporter on another forum, "I don't care if he burns the Democratic Party to the ground and dances in the ashes, if it'll get him to the presidency."

It struck a thought, of what percentage of supporters are carpetbagging in the party just like their candidate is?

And for that matter, whether Bernie (and supporters) could even do such a thing if he's running in the Democratic party? My overall answer is no. Party structure is more than strong enough to withstand a blow like that, even on the very off chance that he manages the nomination (five percent at best).

However, I found this enlightening...and another reason to simply walk away from arguments. Mrs. Clinton, like President Obama, is apparently blessed in the quality of her opponents.

Gay/Lesbian Pols Endorse Clinton (Hillary Group)


Another ten endorsements for Clinton, and another ten nails in the "doesn't support LBGTs" coffin.

Congratulations, Mrs. Clinton!

Man and Woman by Bernie Sanders (Hillary Group)



Um, I'm not going to quote the article that Bernie wrote as it's a severe trigger warning. I'm not going to quote the above articles either, they explain themselves beautifully.

Best snag the links before this gets alerted on and hidden for actually telling a very, very sick and unpleasant truth. The article is supposedly satirical and funny, but...this is neither.

I do think it sheds some light on the Planned Parenthood flap, however.

Per the plan

When BS starts losing primaries, they'll ignore the very clear polling and say he was cheated by Clinton's team and DWS.

If you think the howling and the thrashing are bad now, just wait until February and March.

Beta decay takes care of that.

Usually, in a basic small stellar core (Sun sized or smaller), two hydrogen (simple protons) bang together and fall apart very quickly. Diproton (helium-2) is incredibly unstable. This happens most of the time, with no net energy absorbed or released.

Rarely, one of the protons decays to a neutron, and the diproton becomes deuterium. That's then free to fuse with another hydrogen atom to produce helium-3. Two helium-3 atoms will then fuse to form a helium-4, and release two hydrogen atoms again as well.

That happens often enough to maintain hydrostatic equilibrium of the star. If it didn't, pressures and temperatures would increase until enough diproton had the chance to decay and release enough energy to do so.

Larger stellar cores (just a tiny bit more massive than our Sun and upward) use the CNO (carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen) process primarily instead.

Then there's me.

How many of the 36% are like me and think that Obamacare shouldn't be law...because we should have single payer.

However, I'm not motivated to revoke it as it's better than the "pay or die" state we were in before.

Too gentle

Not "question your beliefs."

Your belief is wrong. Yes, I get why he gentled that, however...please. We've learned a thing or two since the Bronze Age.

Nice Try

Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavoring (various; mine is menthol and cinnamon) (optional), and pharmaceutical grade nicotine (optional).

None class as toxins in the amounts generated in a sealed chamber over several hours to the primary user. Secondhand vapor simply doesn't apply.

Alternately, I have a problem with you spewing that formaldehyde out of you every time you breathe. Do that in your own home, but don't expose me to your toxins.

Utah's AG

says he'll go to the Supreme Court, which would be Justice Sotomayer. I wish him luck there, he's gonna need it.
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