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Venezuela offers asylum...

no idea if this is true or not, but a few international sites are posting it. I originally quoted presstv but dunno about that site but another DU linked the other sites:

(original post)


"If that young man needs humanitarian protection and believes that he can come to Venezuela," then Venezuela "is prepared to protect this brave youth in a humanitarian way and so that humanity can learn the truth," and his ordeal can end, Maduro said on Thursday.

"In addition, Maduro threw his weight behind Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa for his pullout of a trade pact with the United States on Thursday." According to Correa, the decision was made after Ecuador became an instrument of “blackmail” by the United States.

“Who deserves protection, the young Snowden, or those who plant bombs? It’s a reflection that we make to the people of the United States and of the world. We defend (Snowden) because ... the denunciations he has made in a very brave way, serve to change the world,” Maduro said.

Quinn out of the lead, awwe. Q:20, W: 25, T: 15, etc....


and the breakdown is interesting.

Mr. Weiner carries his lead across racial, gender and geographic lines. He is beating Ms. Quinn among male Democrats, 29% to 19%, and just slightly among female Democrats, 22% to 21%. Manhattan, where both candidates live, is the only borough where Ms. Quinn maintains a lead over Mr. Weiner, 27% to 23%. And Mr. Weiner defeats Ms. Quinn among blacks (26% to 19%), Latinos (23% to 16%) and Asians (43% to 19%), while Ms. Quinn wins among white voters, 25% to 19%.

This is a problem however, that only 49 would consider, although his negatives aren't as high as i would think

The poll showed 49% of registered voters in the city now say they would consider electing Mr. Weiner mayor, up from 40% in April. The poll showed 45% of voters would not consider casting their ballot for him, down from 52% in April. A majority of Democrats, 52%, have a favorable impression of Mr. Weiner, while 36% don’t.

Howard Dean headlining fundraiser for Bill DeBlasio...


the above is the only link to the info i have.
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