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Nac Mac Feegle

Nac Mac Feegle's Journal
Nac Mac Feegle's Journal
November 11, 2017

Has anyone heard of "The Standard Creepiness Factor"?

The rule relates to the socially allowable ages of a couple in a relationship.

The age of the oldest of the couple is divided by two, then 7 is added.

The minimum allowable age of a prospective dating partner of a 32 year old is (32 / 2) + 7 = 16 + 7 = 23.

Anything less than 23 is considered socially unacceptable, in this example.

And this scumbag was going after 14, 16, 17-year-olds at that age.

This guy has a problem, and people are ignoring the 'big picture' by focusing on the individual event.

Then there are those that would say "In some areas of the South, Age of Consent was 12, 9 with parents' OK."

Although: One thing that nags at me from the back of my head: "Things that seem too good to be true usually are."

But then again, we are talking about a Bible-thumping, ram-his-morality-down-everyones'-throat repukelican , so it pretty much goes to type.

September 1, 2017

The Tick ( New Amazon series ): Anyone else see it?

What did you think?

I laughed myself silly.

Even my "I don't like anything" kid thought it was the funniest thing he'd seen in a long time.

"Arthur, are we going to have to have "The Talk?" "


August 18, 2017

Jefferson Davis Monument Tarred and Feathered in Arizona


A monument commemorating the only president of the Confederacy was vandalized with tar and feathers this week, a local Gold Canyon, Arizona TV station reported Thursday.

The Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway monument sits along U.S. 60 and local authorities are investigating the incident, KSAZ reported. This is the second time a Confederate monument in Arizona was defaced this week and the most recent in a string of vandalism of Confederate memorials across the country.


As a Liberal that goes by the credo "Why can't we all just get along?", I'd like to propose that we get together and chip in to have it cleaned up.

With Confederate currency.

August 14, 2017

Do not permit a false equivalency

No matter how many times the "Anti-Fa" are claimed to be part of the Left, they are not.

They are Anarchists; antithetical to ALL forms of government.

The Right has gone into 'what-about-ism' claiming that the Antifa are part of the Left, but they are not. Antifa is a third "side" in the political system, sowing discord and damaging ALL the others.

The Right has succumbed to (or been manipulated into) a binary Us-Versus-Them mindset, where everyone that is not them is The Big Scary Left. This permits them to have an attitude that "Everyone is out to get me", therefore everyone else is The Enemy.

Don't permit the "opponent" to make the rules for the conflict. They're not smart enough to get it right.

July 29, 2017

Is anyone watching American Gods ?

This may sound like it doesn't belong here, but please bear with me...

There is a scene where Laura Moon, one of the main characters, kicks a guy in the 'nads during a fight.

The guys' spine, ribcage, and skull burst from the top of his head. (She's dead, but she's having a bit of a problem with that)

She later makes the remark that "the last time I kicked a guy in the balls, my foot didn't stop until it reached his throat."

Who would you like to see in a room with her, when she's in a grumpy mood?
Metaphorically, of course.

1) Donny Two Scoops, of course.

2) "Eddie Munster" Ryan, for general evil

3) Mitch McChinless, for aggravated evil.

4) Add your own...

April 23, 2017

What if animals were round?

It's a weird jungle out there.

And funny.

January 23, 2017

On the "Crowd Size Controversy": Let them die on this hill

If the incoming administration wants to fight this battle, let them. Make them expose themselves for the liars and toadies they are.

Make them show their lack of credibility, their willingness to lie about the most trivial, easily disproved things. Let them de-legitimize themselves publicly and emphatically. Let them lie to everyone over trivialities, and expose them ruthlessly. Expose their lack of contact with reality for all the world to see, literally.

The sooner their mendacity and incompetence is brought fully into the light for all to see, the better we all are.

If they want to attempt to bully the press into submission, the rejection HAS to be swift and emphatic. If they are permitted to cow the press into only parroting the official dogma, then we are all lost.

The Voltaire quote paraphrased as "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." is the center of this. We must stop all attempts to begin a journey down a slippery slope. We must not stand for this.

"Alternative Facts" are Lies. No more, no less. And they have to called out as such immediately and forcefully.

Don't let them start to gaslight us. We know the truth, and they are not speaking it.

They must be called out, they must be ridiculed, they must be mocked ruthlessly and without end.

This is The United States of America, not some mind controlled cult of personality built around a sociopathic narcissist to serve only his ends and whims.

Our strength come from US, all together, not from one self-absorbed individual.

Let their credibility and reputation die on this hill. Let them be exposed as what they are for all the world to see.

We do not have to turn back from a bad road that we did not start down.

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