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Gender: Female
Hometown: Georgia
Member since: Wed Apr 24, 2013, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 64

Journal Archives

interruption and tattoo question

Anybody remember where to find that beautiful rose and skull tattoo posted..yesterday? Wanted to show artist friend...help! and thanks


Anybody remember where that pic of the beautiful rose and skull tatoo was posted..wanted to show friend..help!

back again!

Been posting a bit there and yon, as is my big-mouth habit, and I wondered where do all these funny emoticons come from...err, you know, "smileys"? which a lot aren't! But are they part of the system? IF so, where? and thanks

Fallen Angel

While posting on the women's forum on another of my sites, I came across a discussion of Japanese host clubs. These clubs are featured in the books "Nightshade" and "Fallen Angel" by the author Jonelle Patrick. Being the curious...um, nosy!..female I am, I ghosted thru the thread and found the author's blog. WOW...I must lead a sheltered {read: boring} life! The books' plot scenarios are in these clubs which feature ...guess you might say...the male version of the geisha--though a bit lower class. Has anyone read? Maybe some of you ladies? TELL!

The pics on the author's blog, gathered in her research, are fascinating. The hosts of the clubs are sorta doing role-play as either "princes" or "bad boys". I am so fascinated by the blog that I am considering reading the books! I am not an anime fan, nor of Japanese kink, but still wondered about the books and clubs... Anyone been to one? ...very difficult for foreign women to get into and VERY expensive!

Check out those blogs...and give a review if you've read the books!
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