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M Kitt

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Name: Really?
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Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Current location: So-Cal
Member since: Fri Apr 5, 2013, 10:18 AM
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Former military, I enjoy commentary as should be made apparent by my posts ;-)

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Presidential Response to yet another GOP Government shutdown threat


It's not as tho we haven't seen this behavior before. Fairly recently, in fact.

"Yet another Contrived Debt Ceiling crisis, on the way. Thanks GOP"


Unfortunately, we'll see this cycle repeat ad nauseum.

"What's the Current GOP manufactured debt Crisis? Social Security Reform"


Why the White House matters?

You're generally correct, BUT, the White House will ABSOLUTELY become important over the next several years regarding upcoming selection of national Supreme Court justices. That links directly, will be the key to overturning "Citizens United" and related legislative errors.

Regardless, staying with the current thread, I'll address the reply you've just posted.

You have several legitimate concerns, the concept of "Austerity" really is an excuse to remove what Conservatives/Teapublicans consider to be unnecessary programs, those that have defined our "Safety Net" legacy since FDR.


Here's an excerpt from the above link:

The Social Safety Net doesn't serve Corporate Interests, who've apparently spent huge campaign money trying to convince former Republican "Independents" and other unaffiliated voters that the current system simply isn't worth investing in.

Conservative Political Investors (IE Koch Brothers Et Al) want Social Security and related programs removed Entirely, which can only be accomplished if they first destroy Public confidence in our current system.

They'd like to implement THAT by offering "We the Public Entity" a false choice, and Super Pac funding provides the means of delivery. What's the "false choice" being delivered by Conservative Media?

Trading Economic Recovery for Social Programs, GOP Treachery

Ideally, Conservatives would like to convince the rest of us that measured spending on "Social Programs" is the cause of our Economic Problems, that Wall Street and Investment Banking Bailouts were completely justified, that preceding Deregulation (IE Unregulated Derivatives) combined with uncontrolled Iraq/Afghanistan war spending are NOT larger contributors to our current economic deficit.

AND we're being led to believe that the "Bush Tax Cuts" had nothing to do with current funding deficits, that increased Tax Revenue isn't the solution to that problem, that the 2008 Market Meltdown didn't devalue our entire Investment and Banking System functionally destroying our Real Estate and 401k savings literally overnight.

That essay also points to the Koch Brothers and other Teapublican sources of Corporate money as the cause of several current contrived financial "Debt" issues, especially the "Debt Ceiling" government shutdowns.

It becomes apparent that today, in post-election 2015, our new recently appointed GOP house and Senate leaders are really just carrying out the same agenda. What they were "hired" to accomplish using campaign money from those same sources.

The above article was originally written prior to the 2012 mid-term elections, but we're now looking at the same issues 2 plus years later, particularly regarding SSDI.

Current Election Process:

By the way, it's kind of surprising to me that we're still using the term "Elected Office" under conditions of Citizens United, which has changed the process considerably. Our SCOTUS majority of 5 Conservatives have imposed their partisan doctrine on the rest of us.

The current election process seems to be a lot more like buying real estate than running a campaign, with the highest bidder (largest funding coffers) "Winning" based on dollar value rather than public approval.


Thanks again.

What's the Current GOP manufactured debt Crisis? Social Security Reform

OK, so this is Post-Election material, not specific to campaign methods (or failures thereof), just looking at the immediate priorities since the GOP has taken control of both houses.

What are these "Immediate Priorities"? Those of us paying attention have seen legislative action proposed for, among other things, the TransCanadian pipeline (no surprise there), the TPP, the so-called "Trans Pacific Partnership agreement", and Social Security Reform measures.


But let's take a look at SSDI, shall we? GOP "Back Door" reforms currently threaten renewal of funding for those disability payments.

Setting aside the TPP for another time

Currently, without legislative changes there will be a scheduled 20% reduction in Disability payments, yet another feather in the cap of Conservative Doctrine. Thanks GOP.

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