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IrishAyes's Journal
IrishAyes's Journal
July 27, 2014

CP, you're the only person in this story whose name I even recognize;

Regardless, I'm happy for this good news. I really wish the best for everyone.

July 27, 2014

According to some state laws, you can also wind up with a 'temporary renter' who

legally becomes a tenant it can take up to a year to dislodge while he wrecks the place and refuses to pay rent besides. You might be an ideal tenant yourself; not so for everyone. Please do think of the differences involved as well between singles and couples, homeowners and those unattached to real estate. The upside to where I retired is that houses are comparatively dirt cheap. The downside being that only a fool buys here to flip. And I knew all that beforehand. At some point the real estate boom might hit here, but who knows how old I'll be then? Old trees and old people are hard to uproot.

That said, this is still tornado alley and we're dead center atop one of the major earthquake faults in the country. Should disaster strike and I survive, however, I won't forget where I could move and pick up the pieces of my life quite well. I really love dome home kits. In the digital world one must wonder who needs a thousand-volume personal library no matter how much actual books may be preferred.

I wish you and all ex-pats the best of everything. Save a place at the table for me in case I ever do show up.

July 27, 2014

Michael Moore was right.

When I encountered relatively brief but quite serious health issues and had NO means of medical attention other than my own knowledge as herbalist and bush doctor, I used to wish I could swim or sail to Cuba FOR MEDICAL CARE DENIED ME IN MY OWN COUNTRY!!!!!!!

July 26, 2014

I've got a big old Vic but not enough insurance to replace it if disaster strikes;

so I feel better knowing what I could do with insurance $ if that happened. I've found an excellent dome home kit that 3 people can assemble on a foundation in 4 or 5 hours (get Amish for that). 2 different sizes available, one's 20' wide with 12' ceilings and even the biggest I seem to recall is no more than $20K. If anyone wants the url, I have it bookmarked.

July 26, 2014

Two Minor Victories in Frugal Living

Lots of my projects don't pan out. I'll admit that. But today I think I surpassed myself in trying to get better tv, fm radio (for NPR), and internet reception. Although I bought an extra-long-range radio, it was still a chore to find NPR and then it usually came with static. Try listening to music with that. Since I have to piggyback a weak if open wifi signal from a nearby church, besides buying 2 strong signal boosters I still got dropped every half hour or so due to the weak signal. And it was slow as December mud. (My laptop has 4 usb ports, so I use 2 for long range signal boosters.)

At last I learned how to make really good dish boosters from disposable heavy aluminum bakeware. It's strong enough to maintain shape but still malleable. Now the formerly static-plagued radio signal is clear as glass - finally! - and the number of bars on any open wifi signal has doubled just from the aluminum dishes. For once I didn't wind up with egg on my face!

The other situation has to do with bad neighbors on the corner. While it waits to be sold, they mow the house on my north side. I've never worried about adults riding big mowers around my fence which is flexible woven wire, the kind with the pretty scallop top. I just take a peek to see who it is and then go on about my business.

But then last week I heard Bad Neighbor (the one who posted a threat to beat me up on her FB page) screaming at her son while the motor roared. I went outside to check, and by golly that poor kid could hardly reach the pedals even when he scooted down in the seat. He had little to no control over that powerful mower. So I stood there in my front yard with my arms crossed until she'd finished berating her son and then finishing the job herself.

But just in case she tries to make him mow again while he's still too short, I hit upon a perfect solution; at least it's more frugal than a lawyer, because those are the kind of people I'd have to drag to small claims court to repair or replace my fence if their poor little kid ran it down.

I took 3' sections of 1/2" rebar and pounded them in the ground fairly close together along the outside of the north portion of the fence, about 2" away. About 8" of rebar show above ground. Anyone who accidentally rams into that will correct their bad steering soon enough. I can use that strip of ground because I always set a fence at least an inch or more inside the property line just in case. If the rebar disappears some day, the next set will be embedded in concrete and wired to my fence for a total cost of around $20. It's only about a 6' length on the north because of the wooden privacy fence running along most of the border with the north property.

Altogether it's a lot cheaper than hiring a lawyer. Everybody in town knows that woman posted the threat on her FB page because some of her alleged friends sent me screenshots of it. Which I proceeded to publicize at the town council meeting where all the neighbors were up in arms over something that woman and her husband were doing. I really don't think she'll steal my first set of rebar barriers because she knows what a loudmouth I am when somebody tries to pee on my leg and claim it's raining.

I don't know why some urbanites think small town life is boring. We can always find something to fight about, and that's entertainment aplenty.

July 26, 2014

If they have NO intention of moving, don't you think it would be better business to say so ASAP?

You can't blame people for getting in an uproar when companies even let a devilish demand like offshoring go unanswered for so long. If I wanted to keep customers, I'd get out in front of a 'rumor' and quash it immediately.

Walgreens hasn't even offered a weak denial that I know of, so don't snap the whip over people for getting riled at the possibility in an effort to make yourself seem like the only adult in the room. I'm 68 and I say raise hell with corporate HQ to make sure they don't decide against Americans.

No apology either, btw.

July 26, 2014

Well, at least when we get recreational pot in every state,

that will alleviate a lot of the pain med under-prescription. When it's legal, I intend to grow one plant indoors under a grow light upstairs - just enough for the occasional pan of brownies. And not let word get out around here because that's begging home invasion. Since I stared down the local militia, nobody's made another peep about bothering me any way at all, and I don't intend to attract trouble.

July 26, 2014

Please ask around, then; even if it's not an advertised service, some pharmacies will deliver just

to keep your business. And they can do some pretty competitive price matching too. Talk to the pharmacist, not the folks behind the counter. If you don't get what you need there, call or email corporate. Everybody's got a boss.

July 26, 2014

I haven't been near them in years. But I agree with you.

As for more independent or regional pharmacies being unable to compete on prices, I've learned that where there's a Walgreens nearby, the others will do wonders to keep their customers.

July 25, 2014

Where we disagree is the matter of distribution.

Regardless, this has gone on long enough. I have no more time for you.

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