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IrishAyes's Journal
IrishAyes's Journal
December 1, 2013

Probably shouldn't admit this;

But I'm short, and often when I buy anything with pants legs, I have to cut off a good bit from the bottom. If the sale item was intended for a tall person, I might have to cut off a big chunk. That's what happened with some plush animal print pj bottoms I bought yesterday. Hate to throw away good material. So finally it dawned on me: those pants legs were quite wide and stretchy, so I turned a hem on the cut edge of the part I removed and made myself some outstanding neck scarves/warmers.

November 30, 2013

Unfortunately, another Chromebook ? not answered elsewhere.

At least I can't find the answer! As my laptop grows creakier, I finally made another run at the Chromebook and believe it or not, got a lot of things worked out for myself. Since I'm allowed to piggyback on a nearby WiFi signal, I needed a strong booster and the laptop does fine in that respect. Good booster.

At first I was aghast because the Chromebook wouldn't accept the booster, though now it does with the software sitting in a thumb drive. But it's slower than overloaded dial up with the WiFi! Whereas I have found that in near proximity to a modem, speed's no problem. I should be thankful the laptop's still creaking along.

Anyway, believe it or not the Chrome Web Store carried an extension which the Chrome OS declares malware! Not entirely sure which statement to believe, better safe than sorry. But I can't find how to remove that app. When I go slogging through the Help section, it only wants to tell me what to do about double authentications, which I didn't arrange.

Also is there a way or even need to clean the registry with Chrome OS the way you need to do with Windows? I saw where I could return Chrome to its original configuration, but that's not the same thing. At least it's too drastic when you just want to do a little housekeeping.

Last and probably least, I understand the sandbox method of malware containment. But what happens when the sandbox might fill up? Does it empty itself?

The other issues I know about with the Chromebook are minor by comparison. I'm even getting used to the keyboard. But I've also turned the thing off and rezipped the case, too.

Never knew before quite how much I love my laptop! At least the Chromebook will be waiting in the shadows. Hope I don't need it before my latest round of planned home renovation is finished and I can order my own DSL again. The $ saved over the course of a year will help a lot. Never again, though... never again.

November 30, 2013

I agree with both of you and appreciate your responses very much.

I'm just really sorry this whole thing happened, because they'd been such good neighbors in general. If someone had told me they would do such a thoughtless and well, stupid thing, I wouldn't have believed it. How much did such a huge metal garage cost to buy and assemble? How much is it going to cost him to move it? If it sinks their financial ship to the bottom, it will be their own doing this time. As the popular saying goes, you can't fix stupid.

November 30, 2013

Especially minimal going from high church Anglican to Catholic.

Sorry if I got overly political in this forum, where I probably shouldn't be. But that was a typically outrageous political act he committed, and it was reported here, so what could I do?

November 30, 2013

Otherwise Wonderful People Doing Stupid Things

I know I'm always calling this place I retired a bump in the road, etc. But the place does have enough population for at least a few zoning restrictions.

There's a wonderful youngish couple down on the corner; good family etc. About 3 years ago when the dad was laid off from a factory job, he started driving a semi for a farm supply concern, and it was far simpler for him to park the truck on his own double lot instead of the alternative. That way the wife could have their only car during the day too. Although nobody raised a fuss because we knew they'd lose everything w/o his income, we gritted our teeth through the 5 a.m. departures and just thanked our lucky stars he didn't park the bleepin' thing on the street. THAT would've brought big trouble fast.

Anyway, he was gone from home so much that he took a job as a mechanic at a local shop in the BUSINESS district, and everything seemed fine until the owners were killed in a motorcycle accident and he was out of work again. Not his fault.

But what happened next has us all in an uproar, because this does happen to be a strictly residential area. He built a gigantic 2-story garage on his second plot to conduct his own auto repair work, and he didn't even bother to ask for a permit, which he'd have been denied anyway. Now there are usually 8-10 vehicles parked on his lot and even up and down the street. He runs loud mechanical equipment at all hours too.

So there will be plenty of citizen participation at the town council meeting next Thursday evening. What kind of idiot pops for what it cost to build that giant garage - the footprint would contain about 6 Dodge Rams - when he knows what the neighbors are going to do? Besides interfering with the quiet enjoyment of our own property, the presence of his business has cut everyone's real estate investments by at least half. Did he think because the neighbors tolerated that diesel rig firing up at 5 a.m., that we'd let something like this go? He needs to follow the same rules as others are expected to observe.

It's going to break my heart to go against him on this, but he left me no other option. If he'd bothered even to so much as ask beforehand how his neighbors felt, we'd every one have urged him not to do it. Now he's going to have to dismantle and move a garage that cost a fortune! And that family will be mad at US over it. What could this otherwise lovely couple have been thinking??????

November 30, 2013

Where do people get off anyway, claiming dogs have no souls?

Not only do they possess self awareness (though possibly no consicousness of death in the future, but what does that matter?), they're a considerably better behaved species over humans if you assess by how well they live by the Creator's design. Dogs might make mistakes and they sometimes do things they know their humans don't want them to do, but that hardly equates to sin. So, since they do have souls and they don't sin, how in creation can anyone suppose God doesn't treasure them? How could they be turned away? NO way!

Send those Presbyterians to me. I'll straighten them out!

As for reading the Bible: when St. Peter was on the roof of the house and he had the vision of livestock being brought down FROM heaven, what does that say about even the lower animals? Will cattle, sheep and goats go to heaven but dogs be turned away? Ludicrous.

November 30, 2013

Could that have anything to do with all the gay-bashing that's gone on?

Strange how perceptions get started.

While I'm at it, let me say one other thing; although I can no longer point directly toward the source statistics, gay men are considerably less likely to be pedophiles. That dubious distinction goes to straight males.

November 29, 2013

It was lovely.

Thanksgiving at St. Luke's, I mean.

Not only did I eat until the sight or even thought of the dessert table made me want to cry, there seemed to be a real peace, more so than I've ever seen. To avoid conflict with the Meals On Wheels schedule, I asked for my ride to the church early, meaning I got to sit at the head of a long bench and visit with all sorts of people as they worked or arrived. That meant more to me than all the Million Dollar Pie in the world.

Most delightful of all was when the person known in my posts as ML approached me in a genuinely welcoming fashion. I don't believe I've been off the mark in my previous observations or that I'm hyper sensitive; but I can feel the absence of animosity just as acutely as its presence. It would've sounded suspiciously overboard if I'd said today that I loved her, although I felt that emotion. So I settled for saying, "______ , I'm so glad to see you." Because I was.

Didn't get to meet the new-to-me priest from Korea - he was busy elsewhere - but our previous cleric with whom I butted heads in the past did come, and for that I'm glad. His health has been declining like the former ML's, but the chip seems to have disappeared from his shoulder too. I'm convinced that illness can reveal a lot about us, whether we mend our ways or get even worse. (I don't know what I'd do, since some might still say I couldn't get any worse!)

The closest I came to any potential misstep of which I'm aware - note the wiggle room! - was when he said "It's good to see you back." I sort of chuckled and said before I knew I was going to, "Well, it's good to be back. But you can see I'm still wearing those ugly loud sweatshirts."

The last time he'd spoken to me was several years ago during the Christmas season when I wore a multi-colored holiday top to Mass; afterwards at the exit he laughed and said in front of everyone that was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen in his life. I'd said, well, I don't have a tree this year so I just decorated myself instead. And then I wore it to Mass again the next week just to show him he couldn't stop me, and that was the last Mass for me for 3-4 years now. Back then, after being called a liar at confession and more than a few other things at various times, the ugly charge was the last straw for me.

But as I said, things seem much better now. Although I'm quite sure he still hates anything brighter than basic black, he managed to say, "Well, you look very festive." !!! That I can live with. And we proceeded to our mutual admiration of Pope Francis. He even seems to have unclinched his fist against the Jesuits; early on I'd goofed in what I considered high praise indeed. I'd said his homilies led me to wonder if he might be Jesuit, sorry I hadn't asked before. Turns out he had been once upon a time, but his unchecked alcoholism had gotten him dismissed from the order, and he still felt angry and betrayed. So anybody who loved Jesuits was already on his bad side.

Now, thankfully he seems to have healed that breach as well. Can't express how happy that makes me, not just for my own sake.

But wait, there's more~ My neighbor who lives on one corner of the block had been really friendly when I first moved here, and she does have a spectacular house. But when she started complaining how she missed her gratifying life in Chicago and was sorry she'd retired back to her hometown, especially since our neighborhood was so 'low class', she didn't take my response very well. I pointed out two doctors, two plumbers, a lawyer and a judge within spitting distance and said I wouldn't consider anywhere they chose to live as being beneath me. After that, I was beneath her too. But she's had more than a few personal tragedies since - well, so have I - and the mutual dislike we'd developed earlier doesn't seem to matter anymore. In fact she mentioned a local civic matter that concerns both of us and we made quiet plans to cooperate.

No, I'm under no delusion that any of us has achieved perfection. But it certainly brought vast relief from where we were before, and I'm hopeful of a brighter future. Can some of this be due to the 'Francis effect'? I suspect so.

Even the dogs were more than usually amusing today. Sometimes Molly Maguire doesn't want to come indoors when called, and her bigger though younger step sister Brigid always rushes right back to me. So now Brigid runs back to Molly and literally herds her indoors like a cattle dog instead of the smooth-coat JRT she is. Just now when Molly decided to stand sideways to the open door, Brigid stood up on her back legs a little and used her front feet to shove Molly inside. Mother's little helper.

In other words, it's been a good day. A very good day. No fightin', fussin', or feudin' that I could tell, and enough food to feed half the country. What can I complain about now?

November 28, 2013

Great food for thought.

My heart breaks for parents whose children are lost at any age for whatever reason. I admire and appreciate all the things people do in trying to make the world a better place for everyone. It has to start with mutual respect. I've read that in a certain country the church has great difficulty getting women to marry because once that happens, the women have even fewer rights and less power.

November 28, 2013

Since Rush in many quarters would be known as Short Eyes,

he has no business setting himself above anyone else in the world.

Not to mention all his other junk. If he said Tuesday follows Monday, I'd check the calendar first before believing it.

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