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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: retired to MidWest
Member since: Mon Feb 18, 2013, 10:15 PM
Number of posts: 6,151

About Me

Still an ardent Irish-American Catholic damnYankee Yellow Dog Democrat socialist after all these years. (cue Simon music) Army brat and wife for many years, now have been on the loose far longer than I was married. After my two red chows died, I took in a mini-beagle cross that I named Molly Maguire, thinking she might need a good Irish name like my original real one. Later she got a baby sister, a smooth-coat JRT I named Brigid after the greatest of the ancient Celtic goddesses. My great-grandfather and his son fought for Michael Collins and barely made it out of Ireland one step ahead of John Bull. They slipped over to Wales for new identities and then forward to the States for a fresh start. That makes me second generation of illegal but certainly justified immigrants. There are precious few people to whose defense I fly immediately, but the list includes Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama even when I disagree with him - it happens! - and living Irish patriots Gerry Adams and Martin \\\'Mind Your Kneecaps\\\' McGuiness. I pray earnestly for a united and free Ireland rescued from all official British occupation, with every square inch of alleged \\\'ancestral lands\\\' now held immorally and illegally by the invaders returned to the rightful owners. Irish-only rule for Ireland. No foreign masters anymore! I find it passing strange when Brits chide ME about \'interfering\' in Irish politics!

Journal Archives

How about that...

I got a message the post didn't go through and that I needed to redo it from scratch, now they're both here.

If you really think that was a genuine apology,

see #86. He/she/it is only trying to string you along for the opportunity to shoot more arrows.

But then, I suspect you already knew that.

Or even .... drum roll .... IJITS?

Oh, woe is me! I'm put on Ignore by the canine! Boo hoo.

Isn't it amazing what bullying behavior arises from allegedly anti-authoritarian sources? They hate it when they're not obeyed.

Snottiness does not become you.


H E E E E E L !!!!

That's already happening in some places like AZ

Some states want to put meters on privately owned artesian wells. And look what the AZ energy company is doing, wanting to charge for privately owned solar setups.

Sometimes when you supposedly have to explain something to another person

It's because of murky communication, not reception. GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out. If all you feed on is garbage, that's all you're likely to regurgitate. Your 'arguments' are weak to nonexistent, and your bark scares no one.

Soledad O'Brien rocks!

She's a nice person, but I've seen her hand bad guys their head on a platter more than once.

The thing is,

Most of these people have no idea how mean I know how to be, given enough provocation! And I do love the painted lady look, so not making any promises to behave. I could just imagine the collective heart attacks resulting from greater authenticity. The doors are already white and soft yellow and green, with slate blue roof and exterior with white wood trim. But wouldn't it be glorious to throw that color scheme out for deep red, purple, yellow, green, and Bristol blue?

BTW, the "UP" house is beautiful, isn't it?

After 8 years and over $40K more plowed into it,

The outside looks pretty good at last. Twenty-one new custom-sized high E windows, etc. And the mechanics have been completely redone. A very small part of the inside has been renovated, basically where I live most and only some of that. But I see exactly what it can be with a lot more time and $, so that keeps me happy. Every detail has been planned out. A good imagination helps. Even though another chunk of plaster fell from the upstairs bathroom ceiling recently and nearly knocked me out. What a way to go that would be!

Since a lot of what I want for the place is hard to find, when I had a little play money I'd periodically search the internet until now I actually have most of the unusual materials collected. What remains is affording the labor. So if I can even do one room a year, that will have to suffice. At least it will be progress.

Oh, I do write letters to the editor of our local weekly with the multi-state circulation, and he always prints them even though he's a RW himself. And during campaign season I'm often out and about in political gear. But forget reasoning with these people; some of them start to literally scream when they see me, no matter what kind of friendly, silly grin is plastered on my face. There's no reasoning with people in a frenzy. Surprisingly, I have received 3 messages of approval for my letters from parties far and wide, and you know what? They were unsigned. The writers too terrified their identities might become public, because they know as well as I do what happens to anyone who swims against the tide in this 'land of the free and home of the brave'. There was a gigantic rotten oak tree in my front yard that had to come down, and the first tree trimmer I called for a bid made it clear my $ wasn't good enough for him. Called me a g-d commie to my face, and he isn't alone.

Yet the good to come out of all this is greater strength on my part and an even fiercer loyalty for those who are at least decent to me, knowing what it can cost them. And the few real friends I've made here? I'd risk my life for them and count it a privilege. Plenty of the Amish and Mennonites would be perfectly glad to have me, but I'd have to change what they consider worldliness, and I don't have one speck of obedience in my DNA. So with the best of intentions, you can guess how that would turn out!

Keeping in touch with old real-life friends from the past and making new ones on the internet has been the only thing that has kept me halfway sane, I'll admit. It cuts into my book reading time severely, but it's still a necessary part of survival in my circumstances. I need frequent reassurance that the whole damned world hasn't gone stark raving bonkers.
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