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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2013, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 112

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Thank you!!!!

I really would

love to see someone else as our candidate. We have so many good
Democrats that could do this job, and lead, that owe nothing to corporate America.....

Why do we want another Centrist, or Third Way...caving to republicans?

Why Why Why Why Why

Why can't people see this?

I'm confused :/

Generally, I read all posts before I comment...

This time I will post prior to reading them.

For me..it is quite simple...


I want a "to the left Democrat"! A real Democrat...
We are loosing to much in the way of progress to continue this evolution.

It also seems that, (from what I have read here on DU), if Hillary decides to run for POTUS she would most likely win..and I agree she is brilliant!!!Please tell me why I want another Third Way/Centrist?
Are people just caught up in voting for a Woman? I'm a woman.. why her? Yeah, it would be great to have a woman PREZ, but not at the expense of all other things....

This is such

a sweet note...
Im so happy for all who fought so hard, and so long....

Congratulations, and may we all be changed for the better!!!

I agree and

believe it to be very true...

Also, if "you can think "IT"... "IT" can be done!

Why underestimate the possibility?

Why underestimate anything anymore?

Open your mind...
It won't hurt you to' THINK' of a possibility!

I worry about people who can't realize all things are possible!

I agree

No more third way or Centrist BS,,
I want a Democrat in office!


I agree, its not what we are angry about..


I too would

like to know if Clinton would do this?

I read an article a hour ah
go about this very subject. It explained so much..
The article is on "POLITICUSUSA" I would link it here
but don't know how to do that yet. If someone could find it, it would be worth posting on DU I think.
Help anyone?
Also is Clinton a Centrist? Third Way?
I don't want another republican like TPOUS is acting...
I thought I was voting for a Democrat!!!

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