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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2013, 10:02 PM
Number of posts: 112

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This and more

are the reasons she does not need to be the candidate for the left,
she is to far the the right for me..

We are loosing our party...

We need to pay attention

to this big secret, TTP... Why is it a secret?

I didn't trust this arrangement from the first time

I heard about it...

Voters need to stand up!!!
Call them out on this....

Lets save America together, it will destroy jobs, jobs, jobs!!!


If someone agreed

with me 100%, or even 95% of the time I would not trust them. So why
would I always agree with someone 100%, or even 95% of the time?...
That equates to poor critical thinking in my opinion!

I don't understand loyalty to someone who betrays the left so much!

Hello DLC and Obama!
No im not a RW, so don't even try to go there...

She has my

VOTE 2016!!!

I am willing and able to work very hard to get her elected...
She is a leader for the people..

Liz Rocks!!!


does not even come close to a decent reply for the poor man.
I cry many tears for the injustices of our gov.


Cha... thank you for

posting the b/w photo (love) and the video. I have been so stressed
about this as I have a daughter that will be a Senior this year. She is
graduating 2014 from Southern MS in Hattiesburg in MS. This is such great news, it brought tears to my eyes..

It was great to see our POTUS sign such an important bill. I have hope for the furture now...Thinking that an education would /could be out of reach for so many if the rates
were raised made me feel our children, all of them, would be lost without that very
important life experience, and the knowledge they will gain from a formal education... I will spread the news.... it's GREAT!!!!!

aIts Warren all

the way for me. She has done no wrong in my eyes!!!



Is why I will vote for her.. She could win if we ALL get around
her and vote her in!!!

Pay attention... she is wildly popular..

Elizabeth Warren!!!!!!
Yes she can win!

Manny I'm with you

on this.. Why would we vote for someone who voted yes for the war?

Furthermore, I read daily we want money out of politics
She is a Washington insider
She has a shady past
She is a Third Rail
She is a Centrist...
There are so many reasons we need to find/get Liz Warren
on the ticket. She is fresh, not connected, or obligated to the
machine that's Washington bubble...
The last post on this thread before I posted asked why are we even
talking about POTUS for 2016? Well, b/c its all over the news, its being
tossed around on DU, and we need to get in front of everything
for the elections of 2014 and 2016. Its not to early, ... The RWing
are already talking and campaigning, and fundraising.
Why would we vote for her? Only b/c she is all we have that can win and that is sad!

ps please send me the way to have the same post on my page. WARREN2016. I would also like to use it if you don't mind.. Thank you.

I would like

to see someone new to the left! Please....

Haven't we had enough of this Centrist/Third way?

I don't see why we need her back in office.

There are plenty others to hold the Presidency...
Lets find someone fresh and that will appoint some lefties

to some of the appointments to hold in key positions.... Please....

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