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Profile Information

Name: Norbert Norton Noyes
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Northeastern USA
Home country: USA
Current location: 3\'rd rock from the sun
Member since: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 05:51 PM
Number of posts: 261

Journal Archives

Wiping Out Disease - Jimmy Carter Intervew With Cenk

This former President is so humble, considering what he has done for the world.

We tax a gallon of gasoline to build and maintain roads and bridges

How about we tax each and every bullet, maybe $1 to $10... to build and maintain a more peaceful, less deadly nation?

Just a thought.

Or is taxation going away with Republicans in charge of the House? Do we need to simply get rid of Republicans in Congress as a better solution? Republicans seem to love the gun freedom, even more than a few dozen Dems on this DU place do. Opposition to gun control? Republican answer: let someone shoot them, Democratic answer: I'm not sure we have one.

Questions about activism on Supreme Court oral argument day

I'm not that well informed, don't read enough in the gay press.

I was wondering if there are places I can go to find out about who is organizing demonstrations for the day the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on the California Prop 8 case next week.

Any media events scheduled? Are they all in DC or in other major cities, (Boston, NYC, SF, etc.)

Any resources I can check would be helpful. Thanks

Champs Elysees (Joe Dassin) - A Cappella French song

Almost every four year student of high school French can understand and love this simple love-of-love-in Paris song.

There's more to this song than just the seemingly fancy production. the fancy shots of the two singers.

Here's one little fact about this that will make anyone feel amazing or incredulous of what I'm about to say:

These two singers are performing in two separate countries, France and Israel, and, at the time this was recorded, they had never met in person.

Second fact: there are no instruments used in the production of this song. It is all a-capella singing.

Comments are welcome, as are statements of non-belief.

To know Julien Neel, the artist who is the man who sings here and put this produconi together, he's an amazing internet singer.

More songs in French, (and most in English) are on his channel.


New Prague Middle School On ‘Code Red’ Lockdown (updated below)

Source: CBSlocal Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Officials say a middle school in New Prague has been placed on lockdown Wednesday morning, after reports suggested there may have been a shooting.

Few details were immediately available, but an ambulance staging area was reportedly being set up at New Prague Middle School.

An official with the school district said that the middle school and the CEC Building, which houses sixth graders, have been put on “code red.”

WCCO is sending crews and will bring updates as they are available.


Read more: MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Officials say a middle school in New Prague has been placed on lockdown Wednesday morning, after reports suggested there may have been a shooting. Few details were immediately available, but an ambulance staging area was reporte

Alerted by a Tweet from Michael Moore's Twitter account

DOMA: $10 Billion Waste Threatens Conservative Movement’s Survival

To regain relevancy and survive, conservatives — Republicans, libertarians, Tea Party members, independents — must clearly choose between returning to their true, core principles (e.g., fiscal responsibility, limited government) versus continuing to waste public funds on policies of social oppression.

The best example of a restrictive policy that dooms the conservative movement is the 18-year-old DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).

In 2004, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that if state and federal governments honored same-gender marriage nationwide from 2005 through 2015, the net effect would benefit the federal budget’s bottom line — by nearly $10 billion. Even though expenses would increase for federal programs such as veterans, pensions, and Social Security, those costs would be more than offset by: (1) decreased costs for programs such as elderly/disabled benefits, Medicaid, and Medicare, and (2) increased tax revenue because people pay more taxes when they’re married than when they’re single. Furthermore, the U.S. Census Bureau confirmed that over the last decade, the number of same-gender couples grew in every single state, and grew nationally from 358,390 to 646,464 couples. Had the Budget Office known nine years ago about that 80% increase, and also known that actual couples are 15% more than Census figures indicate, then the net $10 billion calculated in 2004 would have been estimated as far larger.

More: http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/doma-10-billion-waste-threatens-conservative-movements-survival/politics/2013/03/20/62842

Does the President of the USA REALLY want to shortchange SS recipients to

get a deal with the Repubs?

Is he serious? Do the hard-working elderly, veterans, and disabled need to be sacrificed in order to get something from the stingy Republicans?

Is protecting the rich, (and getting not one of their votes), worth throwing a social safety net system into some sort of statistical shortchanging system forever?

I'm not able to start a poll, but, at my age, getting $1000 or $2000 or $5000 cheated out of my benefits in order for the rich not to have to pay more taxes.......why would this make sense to any Democrat, let alone our elected President? Is he serious? Will he really make millions of poor Americans poorer to give into Republicans who only exist to protect the rich?

The gross obsession with White House tours

Of late, Republicans have been pretty unimpressed by the sequester. It wasn’t always so, of course. Back when it was first announced, House Speaker John Boehner called the cuts “devastating” and said they were never going to happen. During the election, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan criss-crossed the nation warning that the sequester would be, again, devastating and would cost hundreds of thousands of jobs.


Some of the scariest political science research I’ve ever read comes from Princeton’s Marty Gilens, who found that the political system is very responsive to the rich and utterly uninterested in the poor:
If Americans at different income levels agree on a policy, they are equally likely to get what they want. But what about the other half of the time? What happens when preferences across income levels diverge?
When preferences diverge, the views of the affluent make a big difference, while support among the middle class and the poor has almost no relationship to policy outcomes. Policies favored by 20 percent of affluent Americans, for example, have about a one-in-five chance of being adopted, while policies favored by 80 percent of affluent Americans are adopted about half the time. In contrast, the support or opposition of the poor or the middle class has no impact on a policy’s prospects of being adopted.


How to make $ on the Holy Bible

There's about 10, 000 myths that have some relevence to someone, which myth gains the most dollars?

Some have staked their place on Young Earth Creationism, some others have gone for divine redemptions, giving up one's worldly assets when one of those old believers dies.

Others have opted for the cash now strategies of cable TV/internet, and sales of religious broadcasts on video, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir stell sells in the millions of CD's and DVD's a year, "shipping and handling extra".

America has become the factory of religious sales worldwide, thanks to the internet. We sell more millions of $ of worldwide religious propaganda than was ever forecast by Bible salesmen of the 18'th and 19'th century, (one of the most profitable sales lines for young men to enter into, if you read the history of religion in the USA, men sold more Bibles, women learned to play 10-20 hymns on the piano, and did their duty to God, and those salesmen carried a six-shooter, spent nights in northern Wyoming territory, or in southwest Utah, convincing those desperate settlers that the reason for the last year's crop failures were because of their straying from the Christian faith). These stories are all over the primary source documents in the history of the American West, hundreds of stories, thousands of incidents unfortunate endings for the tens or hundreds of thousands who went West between 1848 or so, and the late 1920's, when just about everybody west of the Mississippi River suffered, and had to deal with the automobile, and the gangsters, and the prohibition on liquor, instead of the prohibition upon con artists selling religion to those in bad shape, and taking their money and selling them "salvation". The religiour history of America, west of the Mississippi, an NPR production, just beginning into production, I'm not on board, but I heard about it, about 2-3 years down the line, we learn how America succummed to Christianity, instead of that-day science, which said "don't try to farm here".

Then the oil came in! Land changed hands quickly for 10--29 years, a Second World War, all was forgotten, or burried.

What USB device(s) connect my Sony laptop, Windows 7 to the internet without Wifi?

I have an unlimited data plan on my Sprint phone account, 4G, 3G, etc.

I have a 1.5 year old Sony Laptop, Windows7, extra ram, 4 USB ports.

I want to connect to the internet at reasonable speeds for voice, data, Skype or other service video phone calls. Data, voice, and Skype or similar service while away in

Going to: Northern Canada, Puerto Rico, France, UK, Australia, NZ and Japan in the next six months.

Is there any device that can give me access to all higher speed data/voice/video phone services (where available), even if I have to pay 3 or 4 phone data plans for a few months?

Oh, by the way, a couple of trips to US National Parks in AZ, UT, CO, WY......would like base camp check-ins with Skype or similar service there.........all without WiFi I have to pay for.

Any USB device that gets me all that? Or am I asking for 3 or more devices in 3 or more cell phone markets? Bottom line, is anything universal worldwide yet these days?
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