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Member since: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 04:27 PM
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Agree with Mr. Ected (above) but for a different reason - Unitary Executive

As this is proceeding the Executive Branch will have all powers and will remain in the hands of the current peeResident and whoever else is anointed by the master.

Congress (especially the Senate) is performing a self-emasculation. All of the (r)epuglicons have a higher master also with bigger paychecks than those supplied by their US voting constituents. In other words the (r)'s don't give-a-shit what happens any more.

The remaining branch (judicial) needs teeth to enact their findings - assuming some may be against the executive. They have no power, only opinions.

The remaining power lies directly with the people, perhaps the states.

Toensing and hubby diGenova have always been (r)atfuckers.

Sorry to report that they made a nest in Vermont for a while.

Hope they get taken down along with the (r)est of the mob.


Wow! Thanks so much for that personal account. Too bad you/we have to battle with the stoopids

and the ones who won't/can't believe that what they've bought into is false.

We're seeing that ratcheted up much further now, I think.

Strange that nobody talks about the US taking out Mussadegh or other foreign gov't officials

We've always acted in only our own best interests, in a limited time-frame and with almost no understanding of cascading events.

We seem to have inherited this stupidity and blindness from the British colonial empire as well as other wannabe european ones.

We are doomed to repeat history.

We are doomed to similar failures.

"The tip of the iceberg", which itself is just one of many

Emma Briant, an academic at Bard College, New York, who specialises in investigating propaganda and has had access to some of the documents for research, said that what had been revealed was “the tip of the iceberg”.

Even thought this CA set of operations were exposed, I'm sure there were many more within CA that have quietly moved elsewhere.

And I'm sure that there are many more CAs. This line-of-business has always been very attractive. White-collar, no heavy capital investment, trading on knowledge, rarely need to get your knuckles bloody.

Agree: dump has rid himself of "adults. Disagree: dump is being played by others

There is a disease afoot that is hollowing out the ability of the US government to make rational decisions.

dump is just a figurehead. Lindsay is a pawn as are most of the (r)epuglicons.

The pathogen may be foreign or US or both. But the pathogen wants this country to die.
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