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Hometown: Green Mountains
Home country: US
Member since: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 04:27 PM
Number of posts: 11,698

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Any chance we can get the forum shown in the Trending/Greatest sections?

This is going to be a long slog and I'd like to be able to filter what shows in the Trending/Greatest sections by their forums.

We're now getting click-bait from various candidate-oriented posters which don't self-label via the title.

I want to read candidate-focused posts but I really want to be able to see posts that talk about our (Democrat) opponents without it being "primary" focused.

Ex-Florida policeman gets 25 years in prison for killing black motorist


A former Florida police officer was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Thursday for fatally shooting a black motorist who was awaiting a tow truck in October 2015.

Nouman Raja, 41, was fired from the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department shortly after he killed Corey Jones, 31, while on plainclothes duty, and was convicted last month by a jury of manslaughter and first-degree murder.

The conviction was unusual in a country in which police officers kill roughly 1,000 people each year, a disproportionate number of them black men, usually without facing prosecution, according to a Washington Post database on police shootings.

Jones’ relatives asked Judge Joseph Marx to give Raja the maximum sentence of life in prison during the sentencing hearing. The judge said it was a “heartbreaking” case before handing down the sentence of 25 years, the minimum required under state law, for both counts, to run concurrently.


“Today we can tell many of those families that there’s hope for America,” Crump said, “because a jury in Palm Beach, Florida, looked at all the evidence and said a black man killed by the police can get equal justice.”

trump(R)s: Manipulating the stock market? As posted in 2018 and seems more obvious now.


Thanks, Fred Sanders.
Is Trump using Twitter economic announcements to manipulate the stock market and make
millions for his friends and family?

Every wild swing in stocks over the past few weeks has been caused this way.

Tariffs on steels and aluminum! Stocks tank.

Well, just China. 12th on the importer list. Stocks soar!

Huge new tariffs on China goods of all kinds. Stocks tank.

No worries, opening talks with China on trade in general, tariffs negotiable. Stocks soar!

Am I crazy to accuse a known mobster of using a once respected Bully Pulpit for profit?

I think not!

I was just thinking along those lines as the peeResident announces one thing and hours/days later rescinds it. Just imagine if some friends/cronies (Wilbur, are you there?) heard about the planned announcements and retractions.

That type of false advertising is what theoretically got poor Elon Musk in hot water with the SEC when he tweeted speculations.
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