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Member since: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 04:27 PM
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The price of a childs life


They came with the usual predictability, facing the bright lights and cameras, offering the familiar prayers and condolences that have become the air kisses of carnage. They encouraged us to keep the victims in our own prayers, offering sanctimonious platitudes for young lives cut short and how it would dishonor those who died to have crass, political conversations right now. There would be time for that later.

Of course there will never be an appropriate time to have a discussion about school shootings in the United States. Not because it dishonors anyone, but because the frequency of school shootings overlaps with the proscribed wait time to respond. You see, there’s always a school shooting to avoid addressing. They’ve become as reliable as Republicans circling the wagons to protect the National Rifle Association from being victimized by public opinion after another bloody masterpiece.


Every single parasite, every Republican co-conspirator who marched lockstep onto a podium, delivering mea culpas for their masters since the school shooting in Florida last week was purchased, like something from the back page of a cheap tabloid to sell out their constituents back home; to make excuses for murdered children; and to provide cover for the treacherous NRA.


A classroom full of dead kids shouldn’t be the price of freedom. To suggest otherwise takes us closer to a national insanity from which we may never recover.

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