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Member since: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 04:27 PM
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trumpfile.org - interesting site.


I can't vouch for its content or accuracy. But it does seem to cover a lot of that poor-excuse-of-a-human's life and crimes.

TrumpFile.org is a free resource tracking long-term immorality, lawbreaking, and corruption by Donald Trump and his friends throughout the years. Our objective is to create a timeline of events so thorough that corruption and mafia influence cannot be denied.

The transnational crime syndicate operating within the United States did not begin with Donald Trump and won’t end with him, either. Be informed now before it’s too late.

The Ecological Destruction from the Border Wall, in "American Scar" (New Yorker)

Very good documentary.


Trump’s wall hasn’t stopped people from crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, but it has wreaked havoc on the wildlife populations and natural systems of the borderlands.

Film by Daniel Lombroso

Text by Murat Oztaskin
April 30, 2022

In a remote and rugged expanse of southern Arizona, between the vast stretches of the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts, a straight line runs. It cuts through mountaintops, across the foothills and valleys. At one time, the line was conceptual: the border between one country and another, a geopolitical abstraction real mainly to those who ached to cross it and to others who wished to prevent that. Now, in the past few years, much of it has been made physical, filled in across the desert in steel. The documentary short “American Scar,” by the New Yorker filmmaker Daniel Lombroso, explores some of the border wall’s unintended consequences.

In 2016, Donald Trump energized his Presidential campaign with three words: “Build the wall.” On the campaign trail, Trump insisted that Mexico would pay for the project, but once in office he looked to a more likely source of funding, Congress, which for two years declined to offer the money—a battle which eventually sparked the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. Then, in early 2019, the President found a different way: he declared a national emergency at the southern border, a move that allowed him to reallocate funds for the wall’s construction from the Department of Defense. All told, the Trump Administration built more than four hundred and fifty miles of the barrier, about a quarter of the length of the U.S.’s border with Mexico. Construction continued until the moment of Joe Biden’s Inauguration.

Construction projects of this size typically have enormous environmental impacts. But funding the project from the D.O.D.’s budget and classifying it as a matter of national security offered the Trump Administration a way around protections: it made the wall’s construction exempt from the stipulations of the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, and more than eighty other laws and statutes. “There’s a certain kind of lawlessness that applies to the southern border that does not apply anywhere else,” Stephania Taladrid, a New Yorker writer who’s covered the effects of the border wall, and who reported and produced “American Scar,” told me. “In the aftermath of the 2020 election, and the Inauguration in particular, people were thinking that, with Trump gone, we could afford to just forget about the wall. And, in reality, there were just a series of questions that were left unanswered.” Among them are the impacts on the seventy-plus animal and plant species that the new sections of wall now endanger, including the jaguar, the ocelot, the desert bighorn sheep, and the Mexican gray wolf.

Couple stays in Ukraine to take in all the pets left behind


Couple stays in Ukraine to take in all the pets left behind (wait til the beautiful message at the end ❤?

A bit of musical and scientific "enjoyment". Dedicated to Judi Lynn and elleng


The singing saw video may (or may not) be your cup of tea. I'm very impressed!

TooLoose LeTruck: Too good to not read


But please read the whole thread. There are some brilliant (and some not) posters there.

TooLoose LeTruck says:
April 21, 2022 at 8:38 pm

In honor of dead Russian generals…

He Was the Very Model of A Russian Major-General*

He was the very model of a Russian Major-General,
With knowledge biological, nuclear, and chemical,
He knew the czars of Russia, great battles territorial
Kulikovo to Stalingrad, so famous in memorial;

A highly educated man, proud son of Mother Russia,
Keen to take the fight abroad, if needed into Prussia,
He’d studied all the theories and memorized the tactics,
The ideal one to send to fight the Nazi drug fanatics;

The battle started well that day until the Javelin struck,
Blowing up the general’s tank and the general’s luck,
And now he’s headed home in a mood quite funereal,
He was the very model of a Russian Major-General.

*with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan

I am horrified and furious at what the Ukrainians are suffering thru…

I can even muster some sympathy for Russian conscripts who don’t want to be there…

I feel ZERO pity for dead Russian generals.

Sometimes when I see a video of a Russian helicopter being shot down, or a tank erupting in flames, I find myself cheering… and then I realize I just watched several human beings die a horrible, ugly death, too… and I feel sick to my stomach…

But when a Russian general bites it? I’m fine w/ that…

If we go to war with russia, can we arrest Fucker Karlson, all of fux news and their funders?

Just asking the question...

Seems that most of the RW/libertarian news media and money-bags are in traitorous territory - aiding and abetting the enemy.

Why Brexit Britain is turning purple with shame - The Guardian, Stewart Lee


And some purple prose...
Like a bald man masturbating alone into an open pedal bin, Boris Johnson’s Brexit Britain disgusts itself. And yet, despite being observed on the gents’ toilet’s security camera that is the modern world stage, it continues its abasement unabashed. After the second world war, the German volk were described as experiencing kollektivschuld, a national shame. But the capacity for shame has been surgically removed from our leaders. And it pulses only weakly, like some underactive perineal muscle, in the electorate that endorses them. Could it be possible instead for the physical mass of a nation, rather than the citizens it comprises, to display the attributes of shame?

But consider Boris in-All-Frankness Pays-Fixed-Penalty Unreserved-Apology Anger-and-Frustration Birthday-Exemption Poledancing-Cyberlover Wallpaper-Freeloader Lebedev’s-Party Watermelon-Picaninny Tank-Topped-Bum-Boys Deprogramme-a-Transperson Fifty-Pound-Offender Dead-in-the-Water Vaccine-Rollout All-Purpose-Get-Out Johnson. Having bent human language to associate Kier Starmer with Jimmy Savile, it appears an actual living child molester, in the shape of the Brexiter Imran Ahmad Khan MP, was still a member of his own party. Meanwhile, Johnson has been belatedly fined for the first of the lockdown breaches he lied to parliament and the British public about. He should, of course, resign, but clings on, like a sheet of shatted toilet roll stuck to the sole of the national shoe.

Gary Kasparov: Stand with Ukraine in the fight against evil - TED.com


I knew the spaghetti tree was for real!

It's been labeled as a hoax but it's obviously for real.


A worker stacks vermicelli, which is used in making traditional sweet dishes popularly consumed during the holy month of Ramadan, at a factory in Allahabad, India, on April 5, 2022. #
Sanjay Kanojia / AFP / Getty

But I'm not sure about those marsh mallows.

GOP operative Stuart Stevens on how Republicans went from Cold Warriors to Putin apologists


Great interview with one of the members of the Lincoln Project.

"I think that the compromising of the Republican Party by Putin and Russian intelligence is the most successful intelligence action in modern history."

Stevens, who lives in Vermont, now finds himself inside a very different political operation. He is a central player in the anti-Trump Lincoln Project and argues the current Republican Party should be “burned to the ground.” His latest bestselling book is, “It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump.”

“I think that there is a large element of the conservative movement that has become a pro-Putin autocratic movement. … Donald Trump did not change the Republican Party. He revealed it. And for those of us who worked in the Republican Party for a long time, it’s a devastating conclusion. But I think it’s the only honest one,” Stevens told The Vermont Conversation.

“We have an autocratic movement in America that is threatening democracy itself,” Stevens said. “They’ll be for democracy when they win and they won’t be for it when they lose. That means you’re not a democracy. And if we don’t wake up and face this, we’re going to lose democracy.”

I think that the compromising of the Republican Party by Putin and Russian intelligence is the most successful intelligence action in modern history. It really isn’t complicated. Russia supported Trump in 2016. We know that. You can argue whether or not they made a difference. That’s always difficult in politics because causality is the hardest thing to determine. But we know that they made a concerted, massive effort to elect Donald Trump. They were so successful that when this was exposed, conservatives defended it by calling it a “Russian hoax.” Can you imagine, if you’re a Russian intelligence officer, how you’re chortling? At one time, the Republican Party was the chief antagonist to the Soviet Union, then Russia. And now that party has become an apologist for Putin. So Russia supports Donald Trump. Donald Trump gets elected. Donald Trump does everything he can to weaken NATO. He tries to leverage critical defense weapons like Javelins (anti-tank missiles) with Ukrainian President (Volodymyr) Zelenskyy. The result of that is a nine-month delay in arming and training Ukrainians. It is no exaggeration that a lot of Ukrainians are dying because Donald Trump tried to leverage Zelenskyy. And Republicans still wouldn’t impeach Trump.

A large element of the conservative movement has become a pro-Putin autocratic movement. They see Putin as a white Christian nationalist. There are no gay people in Russia. You never see any women in power in Russia. It is not a democracy. Putin is a strong man. All of this draws much of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump did not change the Republican Party. He revealed it. And for those of us who worked in the Republican Party for a long time, it’s a devastating conclusion. But I think it’s the only honest one.
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