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State accuses woman of murdering her four month old child


The mother is a friend of mine. I just babysat on Thursday.
This is breaking my heart.

Amigale, a 4-month-old girl, was crying last Friday morning. She wanted to be held. Instead, her mother, Nina Alexie, shoved a pink-and-blue knit hat all the way into the newborn's mouth.

When the mother removed the hat five minutes later, the child was gasping. Deafening silence filled the room a moment later.

That is the story state prosecutors say Alexie told Anchorage Police Department officers who arrested her after Amigale was found dead. The 22-year-old with a lengthy criminal record now faces second-degree murder and manslaughter charges.

One key piece of evidence that led investigators to arrest the infant's mother is a letter she allegedly left behind for the girl's father after the killing.

"I cannot take what happened," she wrote in the two-page handwritten letter. "I've been holding her praying for her dear life to come back. She done (sic) didn't. I'm scared. I'm very terrified. I am hurting. I'm lost."

According to a document submitted by the state to Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby, who was weighing bail conditions after a grand jury indicted Alexie, the infant's parents were fighting in the hours leading to her death. It got bad enough that the father left the unit the family occupied in the East Anchorage transitional living center, Safe Harbor Inn. The girl died while he was gone, police say.

White cops murder blacks=blacks are bad; Black man kills cops=race war

This is insane. Why people start calling it a race war the second a couple of ex Millitary black men kill cops, but never see it as a race war in all the years that we have been systematically killed by police, I do not know. When white men kill cops they are just called lone wolves... Nothing to do with the rest of the white people.

Collective punishment of the African American community has been going on forever. We are all to blame for what any one black person does, our community is told that it is all of our fault when one of us snaps. That is wrong and it is how white supremacy flourishes.

Maybe it's time to come up with solution to all this killing instead of going with the old tried and true method of immediately blaming the entirety of the black community for what one man does. And we can stop pretending that we (the black community) have no reason to feel as if War is constantly being made upon us by the USA. We might have too many guns floating around where people with violent tendencies can get them with ease. Might be time to fix that.
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