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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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I'm under 45 and he can count me OUT of this 'revolution'

Not interested in hearing one more damn word about his donations, how awesome he is, how oppressed he is, how many caucuses he won, and not one damn more word about what he demands in light of his YUUUGE loss to Candidate Hillary Clinton.

All this anticipation about this speech and how excited everybody was. Pfffttt! I hope the DNC was listening and makes sure that anybody who refused to concede DOES NOT GET ONE DAMN MINUTE of time on stage at Hillary's party- the Democratic National Convention.

That had to be just about the most pessimistic and depressing speech I have ever watched. So glad they cut away.

Same damn speech I saw for the last year. Nothing new, just a list of complaints, demands, accusations, and self congratulatory plea for continued attention.

How Bernie Sanders exposed Democrats racial rift


No, it doesn't look sexist at all. Uh uh. Nope. Nothing to see here...

Doesn't it though? It kinda does to me. I mean, the first woman to win more delegates and become the presumptive nominee of a major US political party and here we go with the outraged cries of 'fraud', the comparisons to Margaret Thatcher, the lies about coronations and the dumb ass advice to us Hillary voters, that we should wait and find somebody better, nicer, more perfect than our candidate. Somebody more like their candidate. Somebody exactly like their candidate, who is perfect.

So tired of being told that now is not the time, that is not the 'right' woman, this man is better, she is too ambitious, too mean, too loud, too quiet, too hard, too soft, and that if I do not agree then, well, I am just using the ADVANTAGE I have of being born female over them and using my woman card. Makes me sick, ew.

Um, HI! Yes it does look sexist. And the fact that folks sit around trying to tell us what type of woman would be acceptable when we never ever ever ever use a man's masculinity against him in politics should be your first damn clue that it is sexist. And no, I do not care if you are a woman and feel those feelings against her and have the same objections. That you agree just shows how prevalent sexism is in this world.

She is going to be Candidate Hillary running against Donald Trump whether you think she is too tall, too short, to smiley, too stern, too happy, too sad, too bad, too gullible, too sharp, too dull, too bold, too shy. No matter what you think this is just what is going to happen period. Get used to imperfect women being able to do the same exact things as imperfect men. Too many double standards going on and people need to check themselves.
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