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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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What? Is what what I want?

Honesty and integrity? People who say what they mean not play stupid games and make constant swipes at the black community? People to not rewirite history in favor of their ideology? For people to stop pretending MLK was this feel good race consoler rather than the BLACK REVOLUTIONARY he was? For them to stop erasing his fight for racial equality in favor of this 'he fought the oligarchy so they killed him' fantasy? For them to stop acting like the real fight was against the oligarchy like our racial struggles are nothing in comparison and already finished and done? Yeah. That's what I want. Will it happen? Hell no.
People are going to co opt and steal the legacy of black americans in order to give themselves ownership over our history without any damn recognition of how fake and pathetic it is to force themselves in somewhere and into something that was not done for them or by them for the most part. They will give themselves a staring role in the history of blacks as the benefactor and the saviour, roles they never ever ever played in real life. They will tell themselves the little changes do not matter, and THEY DON'T - to them. To us, it is straight up theft, erasure, and the need to center themselves in a position of prominence no matter who they have to piss off and disgust to do it. And with the force of numbers they have gotten their way. Not around me though. I am a black revolutionary thinker too. And i abhor the misuse of the black peoples struggle and legacy to prop up a candidate, and I resent the effort to tell us we have no place being disgusted and enraged.

Enjoy this. It is nasty and it will not be a winning effort. But it will be remembered.
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